Olá minha familia!

Today is my first p-day and I am so excited to read your letters and emails! Directly after getting off the plane in São Paulo, I could tell that I was not in the the United States anymore, nobody spoke much english in the airport and all the signs were in Portuguese. Needless to say, I had never been more excited in my life. It was Baptism by fire and I loved it! On the way to the CTM the traffic was terrible, the drivers were crazy, and the occasional brick roads were so cool! The CTM here is AMAZING! We have Israeli trained guards and the place feels like a prison at times because there are big metal shutters on our doors. It was awesome that we arrived on wednesday because wednesday nights are futebol nights, and the sky was filled with fireworks, as if the whole city was welcoming the missionaries! São Paulo is HUGE, it seems like the largest city that I have ever been in before, which is saying something because Los Angeles is huge!. When we look out the window at the rest of the city, there is no end to the skyscrapers and highrise apartment buildings.
Let me tell you a little about the experience that I have been having at the CTM so far. By the way, the CTM is just the portuguese translation´s abbreviation for the missionary training center here in Brazil. I didnt expect to have so much fun while being in classes all day long! All of our professors are Brazilian and they live here in the city, so they commute here to work and teach our district as well as the other districts at the CTM. Let me tell you a little about my district. The American district that I am in is composed of five Elders and 1 Sister; Elder Cetraro, Elder Anderson, Elder Boeme, Elder Gee, Sister Gee (yes they are siblings in the same district at the CTM at the SAME TIME! how cool is that!?) and then me, the District Leader Elder Yost! This means that the lone Sister in our group (Sister Gee) has the hapy opportunity to have al of us Elders as her companions, I wonder how long she will be able to stand us… My companions are Elder Cetraro, and Elder Anderson. And having two companions is a little more work because it is difficult to keep track of each other sometimes, but I love them and we are getting along just fine here. OS MISSIONARIOS BRASILIANOS HERE ESTOUS LOCO! haha but they are so much fun! we have 2 brazilian roommates who are the coolest guys ever! Most of the brazilian Elders grew up herer in brazil and know only a bit of english! (except elder Tomaz our roomate who spent 1 year in Utah). But One of my favorite thing to do is to sit next to the Brazilian Elders during lunch and try to have a conversation using my broken portuguese and their broken english! but we get along so much because there is such a love for each other that we share here! The brazilian people are so nice and fun loving! they are an example to me of patience and love. I wish I had more time to write but I only have a half hour while at the CTM to write e-mails every week!
I Love you all at home! I wish I could express to you all how much of an amazing example of loveing the gospel that you have been in my life!
out of time!
Elder Yost!

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