Semana 2!‏

Boa Tarde!
Mom and Dad you guys look so great!
It seems that every time you loose weight I am picking it up! haha! Well the food here is great! there is Rice and Beans all of the time and we are all loving it! Tomorrow I hear we will have Hamburgers, French fries, hot dogs, and ice cream so I will you know how that goes! HAPPY 4th of JULY! Tomorrow there is a Huge futebol game in Sao Paulo just a few miles away from the CTM! Corinth is playing Argentina for the last round of the South American Finals! so no matter what we will have fireworks on America Day! P-day is so great! last week I bought a jersey for 25 Reals (12.50 Dollars) for the Gremio team! They are sponsored by the “Topper” shoe company so on the jersey is embroidered “Topper” haha!
Well this last week I got a new companion. His name is Elder Andreas-Miller, and he just got his visa cleared. He is great! He is 22 and has a strong testimony. He came on a mission against the will of his mother and has been an inspiration for me. It was difficult adjusting to having a new companion and the first couple of days it was pretty rough getting to know him. We don’t have much in common, but I know that we are going to get along just fine!
My first TRC was this last Saturday and we were assigned to to teach in Portuguese some local church members who were posing as investigators. We got into the room with the members and my Portuguese must have stayed behind because I totally choked! It was so embarrassing! First off they told me to be calm. But since they said that in Portuguese I had no idea what they were saying so I progressively more stressed. And my companion didn’t know any Portuguese so what  ended up doing is rambling about the Gospel of Christ with sentences that were about as deep as “Repentance is very important.” Once again I was greatly humbled! The language is so tough! It is like a drunk Frenchman trying to speak Spanish. It has been the number 1 stress as I have been here. I continually pray for help to come with the language, and at times it is great, but other times it seems too difficult! But I know as I keep learning it that I will be helped!
I love all of you back in the US! Know that God loves you so much more than I do! Keep writing! I love the letters!
Elder Yost

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