Boa tarde!

Boa tarde!
This week just flew by! Surely enough it was Sunday and now it is P-Day! P-days are like gold! Mondays seem like the longest days because its sandwiched between awesome Sundays and p-days! I figured I would give you a brief outline of how my days usually go. Up at 630 then off to breakfast where we usually make our own breakfast grilled sandwiches. Personal and companionship study in the morning and then GYM. Gym is pretty cool, we have a small track surrounded by 20 foot walls with electric fences on top of them! I don’t know if they are trying to keep people out of the CTM or keep us crazy missionaries in! They don’t let us play futebol here at the CTM because I am sure that someone would likely die if we did! So we usually play volleyball with the Argentinians and not gonna lie, I’m getting pretty freak-in good at volleyball, so watch out! Right after gym is lunch (almoço) which always includes rice, beans, and some sort of chicken and beef. That being said I am still not sick of rice and beans after 3 weeks here at the CTM! wow 3 weeks already, in  less than 2 more weeks it will be a month! I can’t believe that I have been here that long! Time flies when one is having fun!
My 4th of July Rocked! We had trouble getting to bed on the 4th because the fireworks from the South American Futbol final game kept us up! The Sao Paulo Corinthians beat the Argentina Voca team so the whole city went crazy! Especially because the game was in the city! The CTM’s neighbors projected the game onto a wall near the CTM so as you can imagine everyone went to the track in order to see the game! even the president of the CTM watched it for a little bit!
The next day after the game we headed to the Police department to do some visa work and the whole place was so excited for the outcome of the game. Vai Corinthians!!
So last week I talked about how my TRC was a total failure, well this week it rocked! I was able to understand most of the questions that were being asked (mostly concerning prayer) and was able, for the most part, to respond to those questions in conherent portuguese! I came out of that training feeling like a Million dollars! Prayer seems to have been the focus of this past week. It is the most humble prayers that bring the mighty changes of heart. Everytime God’s gospel has been brought to the earth (I think , someone correct me if I am teaching false doctrine) it always starts with a humble prayer. Its amazing to think that the reason that I am here today serving this mission is the result of a young man’s search for truth through prayer! So my challenge to all y’all at home is to find time to truly pour out the desires of your heart to your God in prayer (Matt. 7:7-11).
Well I am out of time!
I love you all!
Elder Yost

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One response to “Boa tarde!

  1. Mary Ann Yost

    Elder Yost sounds GREAT!!! So proud of him !

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