New week and new changes!‏

This Friday will be my one month mark here in Brazil! I cant believe that it has gone by so quickly! It is crazy to see every week who comes into the CTM and who of the older people are leaving, and then I think. WOW that will be me in  a month! First off our Brazilian roommates Elder Rochas do Santos, and Elder Tomaz, left last week, and so this week we got 2 New roommates straight from Africa! They speak such different Portuguese so it is even more difficult to understand them (if that can be believed!)! But they are great Elders who are so excited about the work! We are teaching them how to tie their ties and they are preparing to go to the Temple for the First time on Thursday, and they cant wait to go! I think they are super cool and they always teach us some gospel in Portuguese that whenever we are all in the room! Any way they are super cool! and I will send home some pictures hopefully today!
Well we said farewell to a district that was In our branch as they headed off to the Mission field, and because they left they had to call a New Assistant to the Branch President. So They called me to be the new AP! Now I can check off the list that I was an AP and never have to worry about assignments like that in the mission field. I expressed to my teacher Irmao Israel, my new assignment as AP and he told me to remember that my calling is to be a Missionary, so no matter if you are an AP or a district leader or whatever, your calling is to be a Missionary for the Lord Jesus Christ! SO true!
So this is going to sound super lame, BUT as I was lifting weights at the CTM gym (which is really a sad excuse for some exercise equipment) I thought the following metaphor. Life is like when you are benching weights and It feels that with every time you bring that bar down, some one keeps on putting more weight onto that bar. There comes a point where your arms are tired, your sweat is pouring down your forehead and you are giving all you got to try and push that bar back up, But you physically cant to it. But we have someone standing over us waiting for us to ask him to pick up that bar of weights. Christ is our eternal “Spotter” we need only to tell him that we cant do it alone, and we need his help. When life seems so difficult let us not forget to turn to Christ to make our burdens light!
I love all of you! and I hope to talk to you all soon!
Elder Yost

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  1. Richard Remington

    Foi ótimo lendo a tua carta. Gostei a comparação do Senhor com um ‘Spotter’. Fez me lembrar que durante a minha missão contemplei que o Espirito Santo é como um grande buraco em que você pode colocar todas as emoções que não pertence um missionário do Senhor e fique solido sem atrapalhações emocional fazendo o trabalha do Senhor. Fique firme!

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