The Dark Knight Rises Was AWESOME!!!‏

We snuck out of the CTM and watched the Dark Knight this last weekend! Haha just kidding, it is a movie that we are all happily missing in Brasil! But we talk about it a lot, I seem to be the only person here that has any faith in Anne Hathaway, but that is only because I am going to marry her when I get back home.
Wow, we just got back from our first authentic Brazilian Rodizio, and let me say, after 5 weeks of CTM food, it was super nice to get some real Brazilian food! Pao de Quijo was my favorite, I followed a Yost tradition (that I don’t think is continuing at home because my parents are looking great and thin!) I ate until I was full and then ate until I was sick. The sick part followed promptly after we were served chicken hearts… One thing that I love about meat, is that a lot of the time I have no idea where from the animal the meat is from. But when I saw those chicken hearts, I knew all of the anatomy of what it was, how it worked and what it was going to taste like. I need to stop thinking that much about my food! The cool thing about Brazil is that a lot of things here are very cheap! For example the all you can eat rodizio was 20 Reais which is exactly 10 American dollars! Totally worth it for a great meal!
Well Not much new is happening, the days keep blurring together here at the CTM and not much changes haha. But! Yesterday we started a “jejum de ingles” or a Fast of English, which was great! It was pretty quiet a lot of the time but it was a good exercise of faith!! Its getting a lot easier to speak Portuguese when we are practicing the lessons, and I am feeling pretty confident about giving lessons in the field ( I memorized the first vision in Portuguese “Vi um pilar de luz acima de minha cabeça…) but as far as just chatting, its a little tougher, but I guess that all that I need to really study is what I have been called to do and that is preach the gospel in Portuguese!
I couple of scriptures have stuck out to me this week, the first is Mosiah 12:27. Abinadi is giving his sermon to the King Noah and the wicked priests of the church and he says to them something along the lines of this “You haven’t applied your heart unto understanding, so what are you teaching to this people?” wow this scripture wasn’t calling me to repentance but rather gave me a warning that when we study we need to understand what we are teaching so that the Spirit can testify with us when we need his help (which is always!).  That was super cool and then the other scripture was the whole chapter of Mosiah 18 which talks about the joy that the Church brings into peoples life! It is so true! this week we focused a lot on the importance of getting people to church, which is so true!
Alright! I have to get off now! I will send more to you through mission ties! if you don’t know what that is don’t worry! I love you! I pray for all of you at home! and pray that you will know that the lord is supporting and loving all of you!
a fé é tudo!
Elder Yost

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