Christmas In July!‏

Every P-day when I walk into the computer lab to write home, I feel like a kid in a candy store, I want everything and I want it NOW! lol Well 7 weeks into the CTM experience and 3 weeks from today I will be arriving in Rio de Janeiro! That being said time has truly flown by! I have loved my experience here at the CTM. It has really been a faith promoting experience for me, and I have learned to rely on the Lord a lot! Something that I learned this week is that a lot of the time we don’t let people know what impact that they have had on our lives. It may be difficult at times but as we share with people how important they have been in our lives our love for them will grow!

Someone that a lot of the time we forget to let know how much we appreciate in our life is God. The times which I feel my faith and my love for our Savior are the times when I pray and thank my Heavenly father for everything that he has given me in my life. Prayer is the best thing ever, and I know that our Heavenly father will answer our prayers every time. At times that I may feel inadequate, I pray and ask my God, to let me know that he has my back, and without fail He always shows me His unconditional love for me. How great is it to know that we have a living, loving, and generous God! I know that He lives! He wants to hear from you, and has so many blessings that he is eager to bless you with!
Today our roommates from Africa left to “o Campo” (the field) and I am definitely going to miss them. They showed me that We don’t need things to bring happiness in our life. I feel so blessed to learn from their example of humility and hard work. Elder Fernandez always testified to us about everything about the gospel. Last night we were chatting (which really was just him speaking Portuguese really fast, and everyone else trying to keep up with him lol)  and he let us know how big of a role the Gospel of Jesus Christ has in his life. He shared with us that he loved us and truly cherished the time in the CTM feeling the Holy Spirit in all things that we do here. We ended the night singing “God be with you ’till we meet again” in Portuguese, and expressed to each other how we would meet again, either in this life or in the time of the Lord.
I am so thankful to be here in Brazil with the opportunity to serve the lord. I know that a mission changes lives because I know that it has already changed mine in so many ways. I know God lives! He does, and He loves each and every one of us by name, He know our weaknesses and knows exactly how to bless our lives. I know Jesus Christ lives, He is our best friend whenever we need him! I look forward to showing my love for them these next couple of years, and will exhaust myself in His work, trusting that he will energize my soul when I need it!
até mais tarde! a fé é tudo!
Elder Yost


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2 responses to “Christmas In July!‏

  1. Mary Ann Yost

    So, so proud of Elder Yost! What a beautiful and pure testimony. We sent off a little something to Elder Yost that should be there when he arrives in Rio, about time for his birthday!

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