Tudo é Bem!‏

Com a ajuda do Evangehlo de Jesus Cristo, tudo é Bem!

Eu estou muito animado por meu dia de preparação! Sou muito grato pelas cartas que eu recebiu durante esta ultima semana! A fé é tudo!

We always start off our P-days with a trip to the Temple de São Pualo and today we ran into a lot of missionaries from the São Pualo Norte mission as we were leaving the temple! It is easy to see how your view of things directly affects how much you enjoy your mission! And I am making a goal to enjoy every minute that I can! A lot of missionaries say that the first months of the mission stink because of the language barrier, but after you “get past” those months you start enjoying your mission. Well I thought to myself I cannot afford to think like that. I can’t wait to “get past” the 6 month mark to be happy because I have only 2 years to serve the Lord and if things are tough, then its time to get to work and enjoy the rough spots as much as I can!

In the third chapter of the first Nephi, Nephi is given a pretty big challenge to retrieve the Brass plates, and it is too easy to see from that story how faith in the lord can affect your view of things. Nephi’s brothers had the view of this is tough and to their eyes impossible and so they complained and most likely were miserable their entire journey. Nephi had the view of its going to be tough, but the Lord has my back, and so it is time to get to work!

Life is full of times when we have to choose how to look at difficult decisions and decide whether we will be like Laman and Lemuel or be be like Nephi. I know that when we trust in the Lord, He will let us know that he “has our back.” I am so grateful to be here! I am so happy and feel so blessed to have this amazing opportunity to serve in Brazil! I want to be like Nephi and not let any time go to waste! Whether or not you are happy is a decision that you have to make! I love the song “There is Sunshine in my Soul Today!” I love singing it to myself when I feel discouraged or exhausted, because I know in whom I have trusted!

The Lord loves us, and wants us to grab onto his arm when we need his help! May we recognize his hand in our lives!

I love you all! Até mais!

A fé é tudo!

Elder Yost


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