2 Weeks to Report!


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I am not dead lol Sorry I didn’t send a letter last week, because I didn’t have p-day last week! But the lord answers prayers and today is p-day!

Well it is official! I am in RIO! I touched down the 21st after an hour long flight from São Pualo! I had a window seat and a perfect view of the Cristo Redentor when we circled it in the plane! Wow, so cool, I am excited to visit it someday! well we got off the plane met the president, took pictures and went to the house of the mission president. Wow, the Mission President has an amazing view from his house! We could see the Cristo and the bay. It was Breath taking! After an amazing lunch with the president we went and met our first companions in the field. Elder Motta is pretty cool, he is from São pualo and is also our District Leader! Well after meeting up with our companions, Elder Motta and I embarked on a 4 hour journey to our area, a little town called Cascatinha (I included a picture of a view of the city). I have to tell you about the public transport in Brasil, the busses are essentially the Indiana Jones ride, except instead of falling boulders or snakes we have the crazy drivers in Brazil. The traffic and the drivers here are crazier than Utah or California if that can be believed!

Well Cascatinha is pretty cool, its so green and is actually kinda cold! which is a blessing! And the People here have thick accents. I was thoroughly humbled this past week because people talk so fast with strong accents and I cannot understand anything! If it weren’t for Elder Motta I would probably die. The language barrier is frustrating! People will be talking and unless it is about faith, I don’t have any idea what is going on! But there is something to be said about simple language. I feel at times the only thing I can do is bear a simple testimony of Christ or of our message, but I feel such a great spirit when I do so.

I feel like Moses, limited by my language. But I have faith that the Lord will strengthen my capacities and in time and through prayer and work, I will speak Portuguese fluently!
The lord will prepare a way for us to do what he wants us to do! (1 Ne. 3:7)

Until next week!
A Fé é Tudo!!

Elder Yost


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