Hello World!

First off A big Happy Birthday shout out to my dad who is turning 40 Tomorrow! I love him so much, and hope that his 40th year treats him really well!

Well like I said, today was kind of crazy. Friday we got a call from the mission office saying that we need to be in Rio today at 10 am to work out some visa things. Any way we got up at 530 and caught a bus to Rio. We were about half way from Rio to Cascatinha to Rio and we received a phone call (In English which was a blessing) saying that the Police workers in Rio are on Strike! Well we got to Rio at 10 and then took a bus to the Office of the Mission where we collected letters (which was a lot of Fun. 😉 pun intended) and to my joy there were 2 packages waiting for me! (I forgot to mention in the last letter that when I arrived in Rio I got the package from Uncle Chip and Aunt Mary Ann, wow those towels are life savers and I can’t wait to use the puzzle for teaching! THANKS!) Well I am super excited to open the packages; I haven’t yet because I didn’t want to lose anything! We ate lunch at a Rodizio style pizzeria (which sure beat the CTM pizza lol) and then headed back on a bus to Cascatinha which is where I am now! Lots of travel and a little napping on the bus!

Well Portuguese… At times I feel like I am punching a brick wall when I am trying to communicate and listen. But I am learning to have patience and rely on the Spirit to carry what I am trying to say to our investigators. SO let me tell you about a couple experiences this week. Well we started teaching Lorena (one of my first contacts), and wow she is golden! I just want her and her family to get baptized! During our first visit we got to know a little about her and came to know that she has a great faith in God, but has difficulty with churches. She feels that with several meetings during the week that a lot of people are doing it just to show that they are going to church and not really because of their faith. Anyway, we taught her and her family the first lesson and the spirit was so strong there, She understood the points of the restoration and after I taught a little about prayer we asked her how she thought she would receive answers to her prayers. She said, “Through feelings of peace and feelings that what I am doing is right?” wow, i was awestruck! She then asked about how we need to dress for church because she didn’t have clothes that were suggested in the pamphlet (this meant that she read it!). We explained about Sunday and we bore testimony about the importance of reading the BOM and invited her to church. Great lesson! (but she didn’t come to church…)

Well Running out of time, but it is the little things that help throughout the day. The small winds and small words that I understand that are tender mercies of the lord. A mission is tough, but I know that The lord is supporting me in his work! I find faith in 1 Ne. 3:7 and know that the Lord is preparing ways for me to do his work and preach in Portuguese!

A fé é Tudo!
Elder Yost


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