Banana Splits

Bom Dia USA!

Well first off, those boxes of goodies are a lifesaver! And I have yet to finish eating all of the goodies that were sent! BATMAN LEGOS! Awesome stuff really! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Well this week was a little strange because it was filled with splits! Splits are pretty much when companionships are switched around for whatever reason. Well the day after we arrived from the city, my companion had to return for training in Rio, so I worked that day with Elder L. Alves (another Brazilian elder).  We hit the ground running and taught some new investigator the message of the Restoration. I am just going to say that I love teaching! The best days are the days that we spend teaching and testifying all day. This should happen every day but ask any missionary and they will say that commitments fall through, people don’t want to hear, and you spend the day (or week) walking up and down hills and not teaching at all, which in all honesty stinks!

Well Saturday we had another split because Elder Motta had to conduct a baptismal interview. SO I got to work with elder Glover (An American elder!) Don´t get me wrong, I love my Brazilian companion to death, but it was such a blessing to talk a little bit of English with Elder Glover!
Well I learned a lot from this split, first I learned that I really need to trust my companion Elder Motta because he really has a lot of experience. And I learned that everything is attitude. When life is tough, count your blessings. It is really simple but really effective to get my mind of off the difficulties of the language. Just to start thinking of the positives. The Church is true, what else matters?
Man, I want to baptize! haha! But people need to go to church, which I don’t understand why that is so difficult!

Anyway not much more to report this week but next week I will be spending at least one day in Rio, so I don’t know if it will interfere with email again or not.

I love you all! Read the Book of Mormon, so many answers are found in its wisdom!
Elder Yost


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