Weddings and Tranfers!‏

Well I finished my first transfer in Cascatinha and am staying here for another! However my companion Elder Motta is being transferred and is kind of bummed because of a family that we are so close to completing! SO my new companion/trainer will be Elder Viera, I will let you know a little about him next week!

Let me tell you a little bit about this really great family! Rose and Cristiano have been together for about 3 years and are getting ready to be married as soon as possible so that Cristiano can be baptized, and eventually the whole family can be sealed together. Well that is the very basic, the story gets a little more interesting because Rose was sealed to another member of the ward, and ever since they divorced, both Rose and her ex-husband wouldn’t come to church because of fear/shame/pride of the other. Anyways we have been teaching Cristiano over the past month or so and working to get the family married and completed! Cristiano has changed a lot since we have been teaching him. In the beginning he really wasn’t too interested in our messages and wasn’t participating a lot in our lessons. But I can see the hand of the Lord in his life because now he is a completely different man. He is attentive and has a great desire to go to the temple and bring the gospel into his home and he is looking forward to raising his 2 year old daughter, Isabella in the gospel. The house has a special spirit when we are teaching, and I can really feel the faith of the entire family increasing. Of course the challenge right now is the money for the marriage, and the time that it takes to be married. If everything goes right, they will be married and Cristiano will be baptized in the next 2 weeks! Well Saturday we visited with the family to invite them to the ward conference and Elder Motta and I bore our testimony of how much we know that the gospel will bless their life and how amazing it will be for them to someday enter the Temple and be sealed. The spirit was so strong; Rose began to cry and promised that the entire family would go to church the next day. Which, with a lot of help from the Lord, Elder Motta, the entire family, and I walked together to church. Wow it felt so great to sit next to them during the sacrament meeting.

This sacrament meeting was a great blessing, we also had another investigator Igor come to church who we might be able to baptize this coming week! The ward had 144 people who attended the conference (in comparison to the 57 who were at the church the week before).

This week I asked the Lord to show Elder Motta and I the fruit of our labors and the lord answered my prayer. I know that the lord lives and that this gospel changes lives! I see the difference that the gospel is making in the life of Cristiano and I am so thankful to be serving here. The Lord knows us, and will ALWAYS answer our prayers! I have a strong testimony of this. We all have challenges that at times may seem like physical or spiritual mountains that we need to overcome. The Lord promises that when we have faith in him we will be able to move our mountains!

God lives, he loves us and wants us to embrace him in all aspects of our lives!

Até mas!

Elder Yost


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