General Conference or Bust!

Another p-day in paradise!

Thanks for all of your emails and letters! Wednesday we will have a zone conference so we should be receiving mail and stuff.

Wow conference was great! I think it is awesome that sisters can serve when they are 19 years! (if anyone wants my advice to serve or not the answer is always yes!). Everyone here, including my companion, were praying for a Rio temple to be announced, but the Lord is still preparing Rio to receive this celestial gift in a few more years!

I made pancakes this week! haha just thought I would share that.

We might have a baptism this sunday with Igor ( a 17-year-old friend of the youth in our ward) I will let you know if it happens!

This past week I studied the address of King Benjamin in order to prepare a bit for the general conference.  I learned a lot but 3 things from the story that I want to mention really quickly.

FIrstly the people prepared for the conference with their families gathered to hear the word of their prophet and King. As a missionary, everything we do is for the family. The best thing ever is when we get the chance to sit down with a family and teach a little bit about how much God has blessed our families this day with a current prophet. The Family is the best place to learn everything about the gospel, and when we apply the gospel to our families miracles happen. I have seen a miracle in Rose and Cristiano’s family because of the gospel. Last night we had a family night with them and the spirit is in abundance in that house. Cristiano conducted the family night with the authority of a Patriarch of the family and I felt the spirit uniting this small family in Cascatinha.

Second, King Benjamin really taught what the people needed to hear. I thought a lot about how when we listen to the words of the prophets, the Spirit will bring to our hearts and minds exactly what WE need to hear. I heard exactly what I needed to hear. I had the great blessing to hear 3 sessions in Portuguese and the last session of Conference in English. But what was really great was that, even though I didn’t understand 100% of what was being said in Portuguese, the Spirit brough to my attention what I needed to hear, and I understood what was important for me to hear. I relied on the Spirit to understand what I needed to hear. My notes from the conference are 50% portuguese and 50% english, because the spirit brought to my mind in english what I couldn’t understand in portuguese. I feel that this was an amazing blessing for me, and a true gift from God. It was a manifestation of the Gift of Tongues through the spirit.

The last part was that the People of Nephi went home, thought about what they have heard and applied it. After they did this there were miracles in the land and 3 years of peace. It is our duty to apply what we learned, and strive to develop a life long conversion to the gospel. I loved elder Bednar’s address, he explained the relationship of testimony and conversion in our lives.I really cant wait to study this talk more. He said that a testimony is a gift from God that we get after we experiment on his word. And a conversion is us showing our gratitude by changing our lives taking up “our cross” and following Christ. When we apply our testimony in our lives we change our heart and begin to become converted to the Gospel of Jesus. Conversion is change, and it requires effort and patience.

This week was great, and difficult. I learned that I need to rely on the spirit in all aspects of my work as a missionary. I had the opportunity to introduce Elder Viera into our area. This was tough because I only had 1 transfer in this area and am still a greenie! But we worked a lot, making contacts teaching and working. I have never been so tired in my life! I hit my bed at 10:30 and pretty soon it’s another day full of work! But I am so thankful to be serving here as a missionary in Brasil, this mission is still in its infancy but I am working to make each “today” the best today of the best 2 years of my life!

The Lord Saviour Jesus Christ lives! He loves YOU. He wants you to trust him and when you do He wont ever let you down. The Lord of the Vineyard is the head of His Church and I feel honored to work beside Him!

Until next week!

Elder Topper Yost


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