Another Week in Paradise!‏

Hello World!

-Just a little housekeeping! I got the Halloween Package Mom! Thanks so much for the Photos and goodies! My companion and I will enjoy it for quite some time!
-I got the photos of Homecoming weekend! Dad you look great!
-Rebecca and Stephen Congrats! Have a perfect wedding this week!

Well this week was very interesting! Monday evening of this past week we had a lesson with a really cool new family! Aluisio and His “Wife” Andreia have been “married” (not officially… just like everyone in Brazil) for 9 years and we met them about 3 weeks ago while trying to contact an old investigator. Well at the beginning of the visit, Aluisio was a little cold and didn’t talk a lot. But after we started conversing, he quickly warmed up and started to make a lot of jokes (mainly centered around English and my accent) but it was all in good humor and we really enjoyed the visit. One very common joke here goes kind of like this “Eu sei como falar inges fluentemente… ‘ingles fluentemente,'” which translates “I know how to speak English fluently…’English fluently.'” Aluisio got such a kick out of all of his jokes, but it was really good because we all felt like old friends at the end of the visit. Well we taught his family (him his “wife” and 3 daughters) the restoration and it went great. At the end of the lesson they started with a lot of questions, mostly about the Book of Mormon. It is so critical that people understand that the proof of the restoration is the Book of Mormon, and if the Book of Mormon is true then everything that we taught is true. They accepted to read the Book of Mormon and come to Church this next weekend. We have been trying to contact them again this past weekend but they are traveling and so this week we will hopefully discuss their experience and challenge them to be baptized.

Other then that we did a lot of walking, and climbing stairs all week long, but this is good and necessary. I know that the lord knows our sacrifices and our desires. He wants all of his children to have success in all aspects of their lives. What he asks of us is our diligence and our patience that everything that the Lord Promises will be fulfilled in His time. We can’t let the devil bring us down, we got to keep pushing on, one stair at a time!

We started off the week with a Zone Conference with President Lima. This was really cool because I got to see a lot of Missionaries from my group in the MTC. But the conference itself was amazing, President Lima is really inspired and I have a lot of trust in him. He spoke a lot about the 47th chapter of Alma. This chapter talks about how when we let our guard down or “descend from our mountain” we are susceptible to being poisoned by the devil and spiritually die. Well for us he related it to obedience, he promised that if we are 100% obedient, and patient we will be blessed with more investigators keeping commitments and, as a result, Baptisms. I feel like Alma in Alma 8, I just want to have a baptism! I need to be more patient and trust that the promise of President Lima will be fulfilled.

I love all of you back home. I know that the Book of Mormon is true! If you haven´t read it, READ IT. And think about what it means if it is true. After that all you need to do to receive an answer is ask God with faith for a Testimony. I promise that God will respond your prayers. God lives, he loves us so much that he sent Jesus Christ to live and die for us.

A Fé é Tudo!

Elder Yost


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