Splits Again!

Don’t have much time this week to write, sorry!

Wow I learned a lot this week! First we didn’t get to work a lot with Jacques and Claudia, but this week we will make sure that they come to church! That being said we had an investigator come to church and an inactive also came to church for the first time in over a year after we visited with him! It was AWESOME! I say it every week but maybe we will have a baptism this week!

Okay, drunken relatives are starting to bug me… We were teaching the Plan of Salvation to an Investigator when his drunk brother came into the room and chased out the spirit! But the investigator Erir is really great, we talked with his this week and he is reading the book of Mormon and all of our pamphlets! We asked him if he prayed about it but he said he didn’t. Then he said that he believes the book is true. I didn’t know what to say, I was dumb founded! He asked why other churches didn’t use the Book of Mormon. It was truly a miracle! The problem is that he still really likes the Catholic Church and doesn’t really understand what it means to know that the Book of Mormon is true. We will continue to work with him and help him gain a testimony of the church.

Well I had a chance to serve with elder Lorindo for a day, he is our Zone Leader and we had a great split. Elder Lorindo is 100% obedient and I noticed the difference when I was serving with him, we taught with the spirit and invited with the spirit so we had miracles. We were placed by the lord to teach Irma Vera the restoration and she accepted our invite to come to church to find answers if the message of the Restoration is true. Because the spirit touched her heart she came to church. I learned the importance of obedience and that our obedience and faithfulness can’t depend on the faithfulness of our companions, friends, or anyone. We have to be bold and brave all of the time. This is eternal truth!
Well got to go! Until next week!


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