Oh when we have Family Nights‏


Well it’s another week here in Cascatinha and wow this week the weather was actually pretty nice! We had cloudy cool days where it rained during the night, which means we didn’t die of heat this last week! I hope it continues like this for the rest of my time here lol, but alas the sun is shining on this beautiful P-day and I think this week will be a hot one!

A couple shout outs, Sean Phillips sent me a message which my mom forwarded to me, I really want to respond but I need an address to write a letter, it would be great to get that address so that I can send a letter back next week!

Elections in the United States are this week, I have no idea what’s going on there but man it should be crazy. As a missionary I don’t know if I have any place to make remarks about politics but I hope that the candidate who starts with an “M” and ends with an “itt Romney” puts in a good show!
Happy Halloween! Well I know I’m about a week late but on the 31st we all ate chocolate as a Zone and for about 5 minutes we traded name tags and took photos of our “costumes” I will include a photo or two! But I love candy and I probably ate my fill of candy this Halloween THANKS MOM I LOVE YOU!

The work this week was kind of slow, we tried a lot to work with Jacque and Claudia but when we went to teach them in their house 4 times they weren’t home and the 5th time we ran into them in the road and only got to talk to them for five minutes. That being said Claudia showed up at church this week! Wow it was great. We were about a half hour into a class in the church and Claudia walked in, I wanted to get up and start dancing but decided after 4 months without dancing, it would be kind of awkward… But she stuck around the whole rest of the meetings and we sat next to her during the fast and testimony meeting where there were powerful testimonies shared and I felt the spirit and knew that she did too. We will visit the family Wednesday and invite them to be baptized.

Speaking about baptisms, this week we challenged another investigator, Erir, to be baptized on the 11th he initially accepted but throughout the week when we visited him he expressed that he doesn’t feel ready to make that step in his life just yet and when we passed by his house Sunday he didn’t join us on our way to church. That was disappointing, but we will keep working with him this week and hopefully mark another day for his baptism.

There are such great blessings from living the gospel, in the 36th chapter of Alma, Alma tells his son Helaman that if we live the gospel and trust in the Lord, we will have the help of the Lord in all of our trials and difficulties. It’s easy to try to do everything ourselves and trust that we can do it alone. But when we humble ourselves and search for the lord to help us. We have his great promises that He has our back! That is what I am learning here in Cascatinha, by myself I can only do so much but with the lord I can do anything! That promise is for all who honestly seek to fulfill the will of the master. In the Book of Revelations we learn that The Lord is at the door knocking waiting for us to open the door and accept his blessings. For Erir and Claudia the door is baptism and the blessings are really incomprehensible!

I love you all and Pray each day that we can recognize the blessings and tender mercies of the lord.

A fé é Tudo!

Elder Yost


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