Jardim America 11.19.2012

Hello World!
Well another week of miracles! And my first week not a greenie and in my new Area with a New companion!

Let me tell you a little bit about Elder Jordan.
He is from the city Quiaba which is way in the west of Brazil. He has 18 months in the mission and is the Leader of our district. He is really cool and really has a great ability to love the people and show his love through teaching with the spirit. This mission was a sacrifice for him. Before the mission he played soccer professionally, and was getting ready to sign a big contract to continue playing football, but he turned it down to serve the lord. He has told me a lot of stories about his friends who thought he was crazy to turn down the opportunity of a lifetime to continue his career in football, but as members of the church we know that a mission is always worth the sacrifice. I don’t have any pictures to upload but I will hopefully have some next week. But we talk a lot, and we get along really well. He is pretty funny and loves to speak English. Often we will be walking down the street and he will be speaking English and I will be speaking Portuguese, I can imagine that it looks pretty funny for everyone else. But we are really having a blast working together!

Speaking about Portuguese, I think I’m getting it pretty much down! All of the members that I met yesterday thought that I was at the end of my mission because of my language skills! I got a couple of questions like “what part of Brazil are you from?” and people are always complimenting me about how well I speak the language. I still have a TON to learn BUT it is so great to hear compliments, and thank the Lord for the divine help he has given to me!

Well let me tell you about my new area. Our area is HUGE! It covers a big part of the Center in Juiz de Fora and continues for miles and miles; farther than I have yet to see. But we spend a lot of time working in the city because it is closer to the chapel and it is closer to our apartment. This city is really cool and I feel really at home. It has pretty much everything; it has a McDonalds and a Subway! It has a lot of cool places to eat (which i hope to take advantage of) and fortunately (or unfortunately, I have yet to know) it has a comic book store that we pass by a lot LOL. The city is really clean and I hope to take advantage of the nice roads and keep walking and talking!
But it really is a cool city with a lot of great members. Our ward has a frequency of over 100 members and they are really excited about missionary work and they are really firm (and they know how to cook really well!). That being said we are working to reactivate some families.

Elder Jordan only has been here for 4 weeks before I arrived, so we are doing a lot of work to find new people to teach. Pretty much how it is here is we will talk to a lot of people on the street, write down their addresses and the next day try and track them down. While we are trying to find investigators it’s kind of tough and some days we walk a lot and teach a little, but I know with a little time it will pick up!
We are really focusing on teaching with the spirit and inviting the spirit though prayer and hymns in our lesson. Yesterday we started to teach a new family. After talking for about 5 minutes we sang a hymn and started to bear testimony about how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed our families and will bless the families of all of those who accept and follow it. The spirit was so strong and the mom of the family began to cry because she was overcome with emotion. They scheduled for us to return when their oldest son is in the house because they wanted us to teach them all together. It felt so great to see them smile and I hope that we can help them accept the restored gospel in their life!
I am so happy to be a missionary! 5 months in and I feel that I am on top of the world!

This week I have been continuing my study about charity and love. In the book of Mathew, Jesus states that the first and great commandment is to love God, the commandment that comes next is to love our neighbor. We need to have charity in our lives and be filled with that love. At times it is really easy to keep all of the little commandments, whether it is mission rules or other things but we often fail to keep the biggest commandments which are to love God and love everyone. Let’s enter this thanksgiving and Christmas season filled with the pure love of Christ. Love brings happiness and comes through obedience to the laws of an all-knowing all-loving eternal father!

Well until next week!
Com muito amor!
Elder Yost!


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