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And the Bells were ringing out for Christmas Day! 12.24.2012

Well, for those who survived the apocalypse and are reading this right now, I hope you have a GREAT Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! For those of you who are in the Snow, I envy you because the Sun has been very strong this past week and it is about a hundred degrees here LOL! But just a few Shout-out!
Kate Kimball! Congrats on you call to Peru! Spanish is almost as cool as Portuguese! (Almost)
Connor Yost!!! LONDON, that’s sweet bro! Go eat some tea and biscuits for me!

The Relief Society in our ward ROCKS, I know that the prayers of my mom were answered because after the sacrament meeting, the RF gave us 2 HUGE BAGS of Christmas goodies! Milk, Panetone (this really great fruit cake stuff, more like a giant muffin), chocolates, fruits, WOW it was great! We are going to gain a ton of weight!

So this week Elder Jordan and Elder Sombra (another elder in our house) were sick and so I went on a spilt with Elder Folke (another American who got transferred here last week). So i changed our ring tone of our cell phone to Ave Maria as a joke and we started working and tracking down new investigators. So we were sitting with José Luis for the first time to teach him and we learned pretty quickly that he is a Non-practicing catholic. Anyway after some Q&A we started to give the first lesson. It was going GREAT he was asking questions and responding to the questions we were asking. Anyhow it was going great and we were prepping for talking about the first vision. I said “I want to share with you Joseph’s own words about what happened during his prayer” at this moment, the Other Elders called and Ave Maria started playing from our cell phone! LOL the investigator immediately recognized the song and started to laugh as I came up with some pretty lame excuses LOL it was great, we finished the lesson well and laughed about the experience as we descended the hill.

Another funny story, this week I bought a Jump Rope, WOW I’m out of shape LOL I jumped rope on Thursday and am STILL SORE! But its great and walking helps… a lot… LOL
Well its Christmas tomorrow so I thought I´d just say a little something that I have been reflecting about this past week. My favorite Christmas Hymn is “I heard the Bells on Christmas Day” And the thing that always pulls my heartstrings in the hymn is that the message of the Christmas Season is that “God is not dead, nor does he sleep!” I want to bear my witness that I know that God Lives! Over two thousand years ago he sent his Son to earth to be born of Mary. I testify that He LIVES. HE has called yet again prophets and showed to us that He isn’t sleeping and will never forget us!

Have a great Christmas! Do what Christ would do, find someone to serve and give yourself to the Lords work!

I love you all and Pray that this Christmas will be one filled with amazing memories of service and Love!

Feliz Natal! Vos Amo!
Elder Topper Yost


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A White Christmas INDEED! 12.18.2012

Merry Christmas World! Just 7 more days until we officially celebrate the Birth of Our Lord with cake, Paneton (which is like a fruit cake) and pancakes. Yeppers It will be amazing and full of Cake (it isn’t a lie Brick!)

Alright this week was our Zone Conference so we got letters and Packages (for the first time in over a month which was great!) So here are just a few shout outs!

-Mom! Thanks for all of the Treats and Decorations! Our house is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Trees and stickers candy canes and PEZ! Freaking Pez, I kept the Captain America and Elder Jordan Has the Thor! I am looking forward to having a great Christmas breakfast of Pancakes with the Mix you sent!

-Grandma and Pompa, Alright the Nerf Guns stole the show and my companion and roommates are having too much fun shooting each other with them! Also it was great that you sent the Nativity stickers and church cards to bring the true spirit of Christmas!

-Aunt Mary Anne and Uncle Chip! I freaking Love M&Ms and the Nike Shirt and Socks are amazing! One thing that is always super important is to have great socks because we walk a TON here so thanks!

-I received letters from Abby Falke, Evan Wong, Daniel Schuetz, Kate Kimball, and the OCC institute. Wow I have the very best friends; I will try to send replies back this week so they should get to y’all in January!

Okay well I am just too excited to say it, WE HAD 2 BAPTISMS THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!! WOW! IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING! And the story was a Miracle itself here is a brief synopsis of what happened. Eni is an elderly woman who has been attending church with her recent convert Daughter for a little while. Wednesday was the Zone conference and so Thursday we went to talk with her and after sharing a few scriptures about Baptism we invited her to be baptized, she accepted. We then invited her to prepare to be baptized on the 16th and with help from the heavens she accepted! At the very moment she accepted her other Daughter who had been to her sister´s baptism walked in the room. We asked her when her next Sunday was that she would not have to work and she said it was the 16th so we invited her to be baptized also, she immediately accepted!
The Baptism itself was great! I had the honor of performing the ordinance and will attach photos. They 2 of them had fear of the water because they can’t swim, but they were baptized and smiling afterwards (even though they didn’t smile in the photos)

It is great to baptize, the President focused on it during the conference and when we trusted him and trusted the Lord, we had divine help when we invited them to follow the Lord!

Well I don’t have more time, BUT I just wanted to let you all know that I love and Pray for you, for those of you that still haven’t gotten baptized yet, call up the missionaries and get baptized! LOL

A fé e Tudo! vos amo!

Elder Yost

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Photos from Rio!






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I’m dreaming of a White Christmas!‏

Hello WORLD!
Yet again its p-day, which means e-mail, shopping, eating, and basketball!
Okay basketball with Brazilians is probably the strangest thing ever because in comparison I feel pretty confident in my abilities. (If you know how terrible I am at basketball then I think you get the picture!).
Just a couple things!
For all of those who are preparing for finals, good luck! I won’t wish myself in your shoes!

Only 15 days until the day we celebrate the birth of our lord savior Jesus Christ! (Who isn’t counting?)

first this week we are having our Christmas Conference with the MP so I will be receiving mail for the first time in over a month! IF I haven’t replied to your letter yet it’s because I haven’t gotten it, sorry!

Also I included a couple photos. One is of a WILD MONKEY (which isn’t really terribly exciting because it was way up in a tree and it was really small) also a photo of us in a Kombi (which is a bay window VW bus that is used as local travel here) I hope that you enjoy the photos of me and elder Jordan!)

Wow the Christmas devotional was amazing! It’s great to hear the words of our prophet (and even cooler because its translated to Portuguese!) I think the devotional was last week in the states but because of the time difference we got to see it yesterday.

(If you want to watch the Christmas Devotional you can stream it live at; )

There was a family of investigators sitting by us and during the Hymns and during the Prophets talk the mother of the family was so touched she wept, and it was so hard to keep from crying because the spirit was so strong in the room. The last hymn silent night was truly amazing. During the 3rd verse, the stake was singing in Portuguese while the tab choir was singing in English, yet again it was difficult to keep my eyes dry!

This week I was thinking about gifts. I thought about what gift the savior needs all of us to give. To be a true follower of Christ, the price isn’t a fixed price, yet it is the same for every person. The price of the gift that we need to give the savior is everything that we have. The way we do it is by showing the love of the savior through service. This Christmas Season I am so happy that I have the opportunity to serve the Lord by serving others here in Brazil. It may not be snowing and I may be hundreds of miles from the states but this Christmas will be a special one for all of us as we feel the savior´s love through sharing his love and gospel with everyone!

I thank you all for your prayers. I feel your love and support and hope that you feel mine, I pray for you!
Feliz Netal, e até o proximo, tchou!

A fé é Tudo!
Elder Yost

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The Spiritual Rollar Coaster that is a Mission‏

Hello, Its p-day the sun is shining and I’m getting ready for another week in paradise here in Juiz de Fora Brasil!

Well this week was a bit of a roller coaster with some highs and some lows and really no space in between. First off the weather is starting to mellow out which is a really big blessing and every day closer to Christmas the apartments and houses are getting more decorated. I really have no idea what to expect as far as Brazilian traditions and Christmas goes but I think that whatever the traditions, this Christmas will be a Christmas to remember!

Well remember how I talked last week about one of our investigators Hélder? I was super excited because we had scheduled his baptism for yesterday. But after visiting Hélder last Tuesday we learned that Hélder is 8 years involved with illegal drugs and uses them more than he smokes cigarettes. Simply put as part of the requirements of baptism you have to be sober for at least a week and after 8 years of usage this challenge is a big one for Hélder that he will have put in a lot of effort to overcome. His parents have essentially given up hope for him to turn from drugs but we have been visiting him almost every day and helping him to make goals to overcome his addictions so that he can be baptized. He have been trying to help him a lot and we pray with him and for him but the bottom line is that he has to have the desire to do whatever he needs to do to quit using the drugs. He has to change friends, change habits, and start to do the little things like reading the scriptures and praying. We invited him to church on Sunday at 9 o’clock but because it was too early he said he will try the next week. I was so excited to baptize Hélder this last week. It’s tough when baptisms fall through ask any returned missionary. We will continue working with him to help him change his life for the better.

This week we have been knocking on a lot of doors trying to find new people that will accept our message. We received a golden reference this week. Marcos is the friend of a member and he received from his member friend a pass-along card to receive a Book of Mormon. Well he called to receive the book and so on Saturday we received the assignment to bring to him the book. Like I said this reference is golden. Marcos and his Wife Simone are 20 years LEGALLY MARRIED and in case you didn’t know, here in Brazil that is a big deal! They have 4 children and live near the top of a HUGE hill that to be honest at times it is tough to walk up the hill to get to their house. Well we brought him the book and explained about it and bore testimony about its divinity. The spirit was so strong in the room and i felt the spirit in my mind to invite Marcos to be baptized. But in my mind I said “how will I do that? We haven’t explained baptism or joseph smith or the restoration or anything.” I kept feeling that spirit urging me invite him, but I made excuses and soon the moment had passed and we scheduled to come back the next day to teach the restoration. I felt a little down and knew that I should have invited him so I prayed for forgiveness and for another opportunity to invite him to be baptized. And the next day in the middle of the lesson I had the same promptings come into my mind “INVITE THEM” so this time I decided to obey. I invited them the best I could in Portuguese, and they accepted the challenge to be baptized on the 16th. The whole family accepted the challenge and Elder Jordan and I were floating down the hill after that lesson.

From the low point of Hélder´s baptism falling through and the extreme high of Teaching Marcos, this week truly has been a roller coaster. Christmas is around the corner and there is no other place that I would rather be than here in Brazil doing the work of the Lord. I know that he Lives, and that he answers our prayers. He works miracles through us and he always will bless us when we decide to put excuses aside and obey his words.

a Fé é Tudo!
Elder Yost

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