I’m dreaming of a White Christmas!‏

Hello WORLD!
Yet again its p-day, which means e-mail, shopping, eating, and basketball!
Okay basketball with Brazilians is probably the strangest thing ever because in comparison I feel pretty confident in my abilities. (If you know how terrible I am at basketball then I think you get the picture!).
Just a couple things!
For all of those who are preparing for finals, good luck! I won’t wish myself in your shoes!

Only 15 days until the day we celebrate the birth of our lord savior Jesus Christ! (Who isn’t counting?)

first this week we are having our Christmas Conference with the MP so I will be receiving mail for the first time in over a month! IF I haven’t replied to your letter yet it’s because I haven’t gotten it, sorry!

Also I included a couple photos. One is of a WILD MONKEY (which isn’t really terribly exciting because it was way up in a tree and it was really small) also a photo of us in a Kombi (which is a bay window VW bus that is used as local travel here) I hope that you enjoy the photos of me and elder Jordan!)

Wow the Christmas devotional was amazing! It’s great to hear the words of our prophet (and even cooler because its translated to Portuguese!) I think the devotional was last week in the states but because of the time difference we got to see it yesterday.

(If you want to watch the Christmas Devotional you can stream it live at; http://www.lds.org/broadcasts/archive/christmas-devotional/2012/12?lang=eng )

There was a family of investigators sitting by us and during the Hymns and during the Prophets talk the mother of the family was so touched she wept, and it was so hard to keep from crying because the spirit was so strong in the room. The last hymn silent night was truly amazing. During the 3rd verse, the stake was singing in Portuguese while the tab choir was singing in English, yet again it was difficult to keep my eyes dry!

This week I was thinking about gifts. I thought about what gift the savior needs all of us to give. To be a true follower of Christ, the price isn’t a fixed price, yet it is the same for every person. The price of the gift that we need to give the savior is everything that we have. The way we do it is by showing the love of the savior through service. This Christmas Season I am so happy that I have the opportunity to serve the Lord by serving others here in Brazil. It may not be snowing and I may be hundreds of miles from the states but this Christmas will be a special one for all of us as we feel the savior´s love through sharing his love and gospel with everyone!

I thank you all for your prayers. I feel your love and support and hope that you feel mine, I pray for you!
Feliz Netal, e até o proximo, tchou!

A fé é Tudo!
Elder Yost


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