A White Christmas INDEED! 12.18.2012

Merry Christmas World! Just 7 more days until we officially celebrate the Birth of Our Lord with cake, Paneton (which is like a fruit cake) and pancakes. Yeppers It will be amazing and full of Cake (it isn’t a lie Brick!)

Alright this week was our Zone Conference so we got letters and Packages (for the first time in over a month which was great!) So here are just a few shout outs!

-Mom! Thanks for all of the Treats and Decorations! Our house is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Trees and stickers candy canes and PEZ! Freaking Pez, I kept the Captain America and Elder Jordan Has the Thor! I am looking forward to having a great Christmas breakfast of Pancakes with the Mix you sent!

-Grandma and Pompa, Alright the Nerf Guns stole the show and my companion and roommates are having too much fun shooting each other with them! Also it was great that you sent the Nativity stickers and church cards to bring the true spirit of Christmas!

-Aunt Mary Anne and Uncle Chip! I freaking Love M&Ms and the Nike Shirt and Socks are amazing! One thing that is always super important is to have great socks because we walk a TON here so thanks!

-I received letters from Abby Falke, Evan Wong, Daniel Schuetz, Kate Kimball, and the OCC institute. Wow I have the very best friends; I will try to send replies back this week so they should get to y’all in January!

Okay well I am just too excited to say it, WE HAD 2 BAPTISMS THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!! WOW! IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING! And the story was a Miracle itself here is a brief synopsis of what happened. Eni is an elderly woman who has been attending church with her recent convert Daughter for a little while. Wednesday was the Zone conference and so Thursday we went to talk with her and after sharing a few scriptures about Baptism we invited her to be baptized, she accepted. We then invited her to prepare to be baptized on the 16th and with help from the heavens she accepted! At the very moment she accepted her other Daughter who had been to her sister´s baptism walked in the room. We asked her when her next Sunday was that she would not have to work and she said it was the 16th so we invited her to be baptized also, she immediately accepted!
The Baptism itself was great! I had the honor of performing the ordinance and will attach photos. They 2 of them had fear of the water because they can’t swim, but they were baptized and smiling afterwards (even though they didn’t smile in the photos)

It is great to baptize, the President focused on it during the conference and when we trusted him and trusted the Lord, we had divine help when we invited them to follow the Lord!

Well I don’t have more time, BUT I just wanted to let you all know that I love and Pray for you, for those of you that still haven’t gotten baptized yet, call up the missionaries and get baptized! LOL

A fé e Tudo! vos amo!

Elder Yost


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