And the Bells were ringing out for Christmas Day! 12.24.2012

Well, for those who survived the apocalypse and are reading this right now, I hope you have a GREAT Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! For those of you who are in the Snow, I envy you because the Sun has been very strong this past week and it is about a hundred degrees here LOL! But just a few Shout-out!
Kate Kimball! Congrats on you call to Peru! Spanish is almost as cool as Portuguese! (Almost)
Connor Yost!!! LONDON, that’s sweet bro! Go eat some tea and biscuits for me!

The Relief Society in our ward ROCKS, I know that the prayers of my mom were answered because after the sacrament meeting, the RF gave us 2 HUGE BAGS of Christmas goodies! Milk, Panetone (this really great fruit cake stuff, more like a giant muffin), chocolates, fruits, WOW it was great! We are going to gain a ton of weight!

So this week Elder Jordan and Elder Sombra (another elder in our house) were sick and so I went on a spilt with Elder Folke (another American who got transferred here last week). So i changed our ring tone of our cell phone to Ave Maria as a joke and we started working and tracking down new investigators. So we were sitting with José Luis for the first time to teach him and we learned pretty quickly that he is a Non-practicing catholic. Anyway after some Q&A we started to give the first lesson. It was going GREAT he was asking questions and responding to the questions we were asking. Anyhow it was going great and we were prepping for talking about the first vision. I said “I want to share with you Joseph’s own words about what happened during his prayer” at this moment, the Other Elders called and Ave Maria started playing from our cell phone! LOL the investigator immediately recognized the song and started to laugh as I came up with some pretty lame excuses LOL it was great, we finished the lesson well and laughed about the experience as we descended the hill.

Another funny story, this week I bought a Jump Rope, WOW I’m out of shape LOL I jumped rope on Thursday and am STILL SORE! But its great and walking helps… a lot… LOL
Well its Christmas tomorrow so I thought I´d just say a little something that I have been reflecting about this past week. My favorite Christmas Hymn is “I heard the Bells on Christmas Day” And the thing that always pulls my heartstrings in the hymn is that the message of the Christmas Season is that “God is not dead, nor does he sleep!” I want to bear my witness that I know that God Lives! Over two thousand years ago he sent his Son to earth to be born of Mary. I testify that He LIVES. HE has called yet again prophets and showed to us that He isn’t sleeping and will never forget us!

Have a great Christmas! Do what Christ would do, find someone to serve and give yourself to the Lords work!

I love you all and Pray that this Christmas will be one filled with amazing memories of service and Love!

Feliz Natal! Vos Amo!
Elder Topper Yost


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