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Elder Topper Yost loving his mission in Rio de Janeiro!

Elder Topper Yost loving his mission in Rio de Janeiro!

Okay so I saw an Iron man 3 poster on the street, got super excited and then got a little trunky. BUT here are a few SHOUT-OUTS.

-CAIXAS! Got a package from the David Yost Family (LOVE the tie and the stockings with ties! MY companion loves all of the American goodies)
-Got a package from the Westpark ward (LETTERS are the best things ever and thanks so much for the support, reeses and Oreos! special shout out to Zack Law who wrote his letter in Pink! (Rock on dude!)
-and I got a package from home, wow I was in desperate need of new music and more jelly beans! Luckily you guys got revelation and sent exactly what I needed… and some sweet skinny ties!
-Other letters from Brontë, Hannah Espinelli, Kylie Hiskin, and Mariah, Thanks guys for the support!
Well this week we hit the ground and hit some doors after interviews with the president! It was great and we started to work with some new families. Every lesson we have with a family is a miracle, because at times I feel like Brasil is the land of excuses and we have heard just about everyone! It was great this week we had a lesson with Danielle and Fernando. We got to teach them about the restoration of the Gospel and when we challenged the family to read about the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true, Fernando Declined. He said that he only believes in the Bible. Trying to explain better the BOM we asked him where the Bible was written and when it was written. It was pretty clear that he hadn’t read or studied the Bible at all, but it was his excuse and he stuck to it. Luckily his “wife” accepted the challenge and the Book stayed with them, we will continue to teach them.
This week we used the Busses a lot! Especially Yesterday. It made me remember that song by the Violent Femmes. “You got the mother and the kids; you got the guy and his date. They all get mad, they all get late. Looks like somebody forgot about us, standing on the corner waitin for the bus!” That was us this week. And Brazilian buses are an experience in and of themselves, from the crazy drivers to the crazy workers in the buses. I think the time I pray the most is whenever I am in a bus it is just insane! But yesterday we waited for an hour for a bus to arrive to get to pick up an investigator for church and we were just a tad late to the first hour of the church.
Other than that our week was pretty normal (except for the weather which was crazy! we had 3 days this week where it rained in the morning and at noon the strong sun came out and made the entire city SUPER humid!) but it was great, we will baptize a son of a family we are teaching this week.
This week I read the first part of Mosiah and what I really liked about it was how it stressed service. I learned yet again reading this part that if you want to love someone, serve them. This is the same for the Lord and is what he asks us to do, show we love Him by serving Him. We serve the Lord by serving each other, doing the little things that bring happiness for other people. The Lord promises that when we do that, we will be blessed immediately and will have His love in our lives. He lives! He Loves us and knows our names! I testify of that!
I pray for you all, have a great week!
Elder Yost


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Neh?‏ Jan 14, 2013

What’s up? It’s always sunny in Brazil!

Well no shout outs today, but I may be getting mail tomorrow so I will keep you posted!
This week it was really rainy! I liked it because it was a TON better than the hot sun beating on our necks. And by the way I have the gnarliest watch tan. It’s pretty hilarious! Also last p-day we ate at this really great all you can eat Pizza Rodizio. Pizza here in Brazil is WAY different than back in the states, it’s a lot more cheese, a lot less tomatoes and really greasy. But it is great I Love it!

Well we had a split with the Zone leaders so I worked in another area while elder Jordan held down the fort here. Elder Jordan and the LZ had scheduled a Family night with Marcos and his family (this super great family who we have been working with for about 2 months.) They had the meeting with the second counselor of the Bishopric and we expected miracles and their baptisms to follow. Well I wasn’t there so I don’t know what happened but the next day when we talked to the family, they told us that they didn’t want us to waste our time with them because they weren’t ready to make the changes in their life necessary to follow Christ.

The changes for them didn’t seem difficult to me. They would just have to give up coffee and Sunday soccer with the family. And In return they would gain eternal salvation and a million blessings that the Lord was waiting to give them. It was so hard to hear them say they didn’t want us to visit them for a while, but we won’t give up, we can’t
The life of a missionary is great and filled with challenges disappointments and blessings. We were blessed this week with 2 new families to start working with. We are blessed with great members who love us and help us in the missionary work. I have been trying to count my blessings and be more thankful for what the Lord has given me. That is something that I challenge all of you to do. The Lord is blessing our lives, and we can chose to look for the things that we think we are lacking or focus on all of the blessings that the lord provides for us on a daily basis.

The Lord lives and loves all of us! He loves us so much that he sent His Son, Jesus Christ to show us his Love.

Thank you for your prayers and loving support!
Until next week! A fé é Tudo!

Elder Topper Yost

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Miracles and Macumba‏ Jan. 7th 2013

Well it seems that every week has an interesting story, and this week has a Few!
First of all the work is going great, we are teaching and our investigators are progressing AND its p-day so we are even more happy!

My new year’s was pretty low key. We had a lot of trouble teaching people because no one wanted to stop and talk to us and everyone who was home was having a party, but elder Jordan and I ate Subway (the first time I had American food in my mission!) and it was super good! I miss old fashion fast food, but I’m not going to complain because the food here is amazing!
So This week we have been working a lot with Marcos and his family trying to help them get to Church because they are SUPER amazing! And every week there has been some emergency in the Family with health so they haven’t been able to come to church (and I will spoil it right now, they finally came to church this week ALL 7 of them!).
This week we called Marcos to confirm our lesson with his family and he told us that his mom who was in the hospital for over a month had returned home released from the Hospital, but after an hour and a half at home, she suffered a heart attack and Died. The whole family (and us missionaries) was shocked! We decided to visit the family and give them our support in this difficulty. We caught a ride with a member up the hill to get to Marcos’s house and when we got there we learned that he was at the viewing of the body in a church neighboring his house. So we walked to the church and when we got In I was pretty sure it was a Catholic Church because it had what looked to be pictures of Saints and a shrine with The Virgin Mary. Everyone in the church was wailing, weeping, crying, and hugging each other and the body (that AND I was the only white guy there, so I felt just a tad out of place in there with my missionary wear and everything). We found Marcos comforting his younger brother, but Marcos himself was doing great. It seemed that he was the anchor of the family. We talked with him and bore testimony of how our family relationships are eternal and that through the Gospel, we can be with our loved family members forever. He asked us when church was and promised to go there because he needed the spiritual lift.
Well when we left the Church, Elder Jordan explained to me that it wasn’t a catholic church but rather a Macumba Center. Here in Brazil, Macumba is really strong. For those who don’t know, Macumba is a religion of African demonic ritual mixed with Christianity (if you don’t know how that works, neither do I). I don’t want to get to into the practices but sufficient to say, they practice possessions of demons and a whole bunch of other… interesting things you can probably find in Google. But Apparently the Rest of Marcos’s extended families are followers of this faith of Macumba. There were some Macumba parades this week too that we passed I wish I took photos, its interesting stuff!
Anyway this Sunday was AMAZING our meeting changed to 3 in the afternoon and that is kind of weird but Marcos and His family came, as well as 4 other Investigators so we had 10 investigators visiting. That AND it was probably the best fast and testimony meeting that I have ever been in. The Spirit was super strong as so many members of the ward bore strong testimony of the Restoration. Elder Jordan and I also had the opportunity to bear our testimonies. The spirit was tangible in the Chapel and without a doubt Marcos and the others received answers to their prayers. After the testimony meeting all of the members started to interact with Marcos’s family and I am feeling really great about them being baptized really soon. ALSO after the meeting a man who had been visiting the church for over 4 months came up to us and said that now he wants to be Baptized! It was a day of Miracles. Elder Jordan and I went into the social hall and offered a prayer of thanksgiving that the Lord was answering our prayers and fasts.

I want to testify that the Lord Savior Jesus Christ Lives. He has called Prophets yet again to lead His Church. The Book of Mormon is the Word of God. Read it! God answers all of the prayers of His Children because He loves us!
I am so happy to be a Missionary, and to work with the Lord in His Vineyard! I love you all and Pray for you!
A fé é Tudo!
Elder Topper Yost

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Oi MUNDO, como cê ta?

WELLL it’s the last day of 2012, the year has been a great one for me and the second half of the year has been great being a missionary of the Lord here in Brazil! But first a few Shout-outs
-I will be sending letters off this week, I don’t know when because the mail service here is on break for the holidays, But I will let you know soon!
-The BIG one! CONGRATULATIONS TIA YOST and TOM (yeah I won’t try to spell your last name) YOUR FREAKING ENGAGED! I hope to hear all of the details of what happened next week and see photos of everything!

Well this week was Christmas which was SUPER great for all of the missionaries around the world because we got to call home and talk with the fam. This week was full of Miracles and a few disappointments. But it was great!

We “Passed Christmas” With the Bishop and His Dad. Passing Christmas in Brazil generally means having a big party Christmas Eve and eating and partying until midnight into Christmas Day. SO we got there at about 730 ate some great food, heard some great messages from the Bishop to his non-member friends and co-workers, and then we had to run back home to get in by the missionary curfew. Christmas Day it was SO tough to find people to teach because everyone was either traveling or didn’t want to talk with us (talk about Christmas spirit huh?) But we were stopped in the street by a mom looking for help. She approached us and asked us if we were pastors and then began to unload on us her story of how her family has been torn apart and how she is trying to find peace in her life. It was great to sit with her and bear testimony about how the gospel has really blessed us and how she will be able to find peace through living the principals of the gospel.

Marcos and his Family once again didn’t come to church, it seems that the Devil is throwing everything he has at them to stop them from going to church, But they are excited about the gospel and have promised (yet again to go to church this Sunday)

Tomorrow is a new day, and a New year. I love the story of Lot and his family as they followed the counsels of the Lord in a new phase of their lives. The Lord counseled them to move forward and not look back and dwell on the past. Unfortunately, lots wife didn’t have enough trust in the counsels of the Lord and when she dwelled on the past, looking longingly on her past life, she played the consequences. This year all of us need to learn from the past and move forward with eyes fixed on the future! I pray that we can all trust in the lord and make new goals and plans so that 2013 will be a year to be remembered. I love you all! I pray for you and hope that you will feel the saviors love this year!!

Until Next Week!
Elder Topper Yost

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