Oi MUNDO, como cê ta?

WELLL it’s the last day of 2012, the year has been a great one for me and the second half of the year has been great being a missionary of the Lord here in Brazil! But first a few Shout-outs
-I will be sending letters off this week, I don’t know when because the mail service here is on break for the holidays, But I will let you know soon!
-The BIG one! CONGRATULATIONS TIA YOST and TOM (yeah I won’t try to spell your last name) YOUR FREAKING ENGAGED! I hope to hear all of the details of what happened next week and see photos of everything!

Well this week was Christmas which was SUPER great for all of the missionaries around the world because we got to call home and talk with the fam. This week was full of Miracles and a few disappointments. But it was great!

We “Passed Christmas” With the Bishop and His Dad. Passing Christmas in Brazil generally means having a big party Christmas Eve and eating and partying until midnight into Christmas Day. SO we got there at about 730 ate some great food, heard some great messages from the Bishop to his non-member friends and co-workers, and then we had to run back home to get in by the missionary curfew. Christmas Day it was SO tough to find people to teach because everyone was either traveling or didn’t want to talk with us (talk about Christmas spirit huh?) But we were stopped in the street by a mom looking for help. She approached us and asked us if we were pastors and then began to unload on us her story of how her family has been torn apart and how she is trying to find peace in her life. It was great to sit with her and bear testimony about how the gospel has really blessed us and how she will be able to find peace through living the principals of the gospel.

Marcos and his Family once again didn’t come to church, it seems that the Devil is throwing everything he has at them to stop them from going to church, But they are excited about the gospel and have promised (yet again to go to church this Sunday)

Tomorrow is a new day, and a New year. I love the story of Lot and his family as they followed the counsels of the Lord in a new phase of their lives. The Lord counseled them to move forward and not look back and dwell on the past. Unfortunately, lots wife didn’t have enough trust in the counsels of the Lord and when she dwelled on the past, looking longingly on her past life, she played the consequences. This year all of us need to learn from the past and move forward with eyes fixed on the future! I pray that we can all trust in the lord and make new goals and plans so that 2013 will be a year to be remembered. I love you all! I pray for you and hope that you will feel the saviors love this year!!

Until Next Week!
Elder Topper Yost


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