Neh?‏ Jan 14, 2013

What’s up? It’s always sunny in Brazil!

Well no shout outs today, but I may be getting mail tomorrow so I will keep you posted!
This week it was really rainy! I liked it because it was a TON better than the hot sun beating on our necks. And by the way I have the gnarliest watch tan. It’s pretty hilarious! Also last p-day we ate at this really great all you can eat Pizza Rodizio. Pizza here in Brazil is WAY different than back in the states, it’s a lot more cheese, a lot less tomatoes and really greasy. But it is great I Love it!

Well we had a split with the Zone leaders so I worked in another area while elder Jordan held down the fort here. Elder Jordan and the LZ had scheduled a Family night with Marcos and his family (this super great family who we have been working with for about 2 months.) They had the meeting with the second counselor of the Bishopric and we expected miracles and their baptisms to follow. Well I wasn’t there so I don’t know what happened but the next day when we talked to the family, they told us that they didn’t want us to waste our time with them because they weren’t ready to make the changes in their life necessary to follow Christ.

The changes for them didn’t seem difficult to me. They would just have to give up coffee and Sunday soccer with the family. And In return they would gain eternal salvation and a million blessings that the Lord was waiting to give them. It was so hard to hear them say they didn’t want us to visit them for a while, but we won’t give up, we can’t
The life of a missionary is great and filled with challenges disappointments and blessings. We were blessed this week with 2 new families to start working with. We are blessed with great members who love us and help us in the missionary work. I have been trying to count my blessings and be more thankful for what the Lord has given me. That is something that I challenge all of you to do. The Lord is blessing our lives, and we can chose to look for the things that we think we are lacking or focus on all of the blessings that the lord provides for us on a daily basis.

The Lord lives and loves all of us! He loves us so much that he sent His Son, Jesus Christ to show us his Love.

Thank you for your prayers and loving support!
Until next week! A fé é Tudo!

Elder Topper Yost


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