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Elder Topper Yost loving his mission in Rio de Janeiro!

Elder Topper Yost loving his mission in Rio de Janeiro!

Okay so I saw an Iron man 3 poster on the street, got super excited and then got a little trunky. BUT here are a few SHOUT-OUTS.

-CAIXAS! Got a package from the David Yost Family (LOVE the tie and the stockings with ties! MY companion loves all of the American goodies)
-Got a package from the Westpark ward (LETTERS are the best things ever and thanks so much for the support, reeses and Oreos! special shout out to Zack Law who wrote his letter in Pink! (Rock on dude!)
-and I got a package from home, wow I was in desperate need of new music and more jelly beans! Luckily you guys got revelation and sent exactly what I needed… and some sweet skinny ties!
-Other letters from Brontë, Hannah Espinelli, Kylie Hiskin, and Mariah, Thanks guys for the support!
Well this week we hit the ground and hit some doors after interviews with the president! It was great and we started to work with some new families. Every lesson we have with a family is a miracle, because at times I feel like Brasil is the land of excuses and we have heard just about everyone! It was great this week we had a lesson with Danielle and Fernando. We got to teach them about the restoration of the Gospel and when we challenged the family to read about the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true, Fernando Declined. He said that he only believes in the Bible. Trying to explain better the BOM we asked him where the Bible was written and when it was written. It was pretty clear that he hadn’t read or studied the Bible at all, but it was his excuse and he stuck to it. Luckily his “wife” accepted the challenge and the Book stayed with them, we will continue to teach them.
This week we used the Busses a lot! Especially Yesterday. It made me remember that song by the Violent Femmes. “You got the mother and the kids; you got the guy and his date. They all get mad, they all get late. Looks like somebody forgot about us, standing on the corner waitin for the bus!” That was us this week. And Brazilian buses are an experience in and of themselves, from the crazy drivers to the crazy workers in the buses. I think the time I pray the most is whenever I am in a bus it is just insane! But yesterday we waited for an hour for a bus to arrive to get to pick up an investigator for church and we were just a tad late to the first hour of the church.
Other than that our week was pretty normal (except for the weather which was crazy! we had 3 days this week where it rained in the morning and at noon the strong sun came out and made the entire city SUPER humid!) but it was great, we will baptize a son of a family we are teaching this week.
This week I read the first part of Mosiah and what I really liked about it was how it stressed service. I learned yet again reading this part that if you want to love someone, serve them. This is the same for the Lord and is what he asks us to do, show we love Him by serving Him. We serve the Lord by serving each other, doing the little things that bring happiness for other people. The Lord promises that when we do that, we will be blessed immediately and will have His love in our lives. He lives! He Loves us and knows our names! I testify of that!
I pray for you all, have a great week!
Elder Yost


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