God Speed the Right!‏

Hey y’all! Running out of email time so I may have to cut it short! SORRY
No Shout-outs except that I hope that Tia feels better soon!

Well this week was great, we had a rough start and Wednesday we had to go to a few doctors’ appointments for Elder Jordan and weren’t able to really work. But the rest of the week was pretty great.

WELL our Baptism got postponed until Wednesday. The grandfather of the youth of the family we are teaching right now came home Saturday night and beat the other members of the family. When we went to bring the family to church on Sunday, they weren’t in condition to go to church, or for the youth to be baptized. So Wednesday will be the day.

The Family is SO important and here I have seen families torn apart by the Devil. It is super expensive to get married here. Fathers of children abandon the family early on. Mothers of the family drink and yell at the kids, and the kids stay in the street where the devil is working hard to make sure that the kids follow the poor examples of their parents. This has made me sad a lot of the time and it makes me thankful for my family which has been SUPER great for me.

In the Book of Matthew Christ exhorts his followers to let their Light shine forth. We need to be examples of the Lord. Whether we are members of the Church or not the Lord’s standard is the same, and he is not a respecter of persons. We have commandments to keep and promises to honor. True happiness is only found in the keeping of commandments, “Wickedness never was happiness,” We need to pay the price to follow Christ, whatever the cost. He will bless us immediately when we do.

Let’s let our light shine in Brazil or wherever we may be today.
Christ Lives, he loves us and wants us to show our Love for Him. He is the head of His Church, and wants you to follow his example.

I love you! a Fé é Tudo! Até o Proximo!
Elder Yost


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