CARNIVAL!‏ February 4, 2013

Well this week is the Start of the End of the World! Brazil is entering CaRnIvAL!!! And surely cool stories will follow!

I am going to be a TRAINER! Tomorrow I will pick up my new green Companion and I am super excited! I have No idea what he will be like, Brazilian, American or Argentinean or who knows, I will definitely let you know next week! All of the Missionaries say that training is super annoying BUT I am going to make this a great experience and choose to be happy. That being said, Elder Jordan was transferred to work in Bairu. Bairu is the hottest place in Rio de Janeiro, SO I wish him good luck!

This week Carnival has started to pick up! There are crazy people on the street, drinking, dancing, and indulging in all kind of The other day we were returning home from a lesson and right next to where we live there was a Huge carnival party where people were completely wasted! Three grown black men were dressed up as clowns and passed right by us shouting in English “what is your Name?” That is one of the three phrases that everyone here in Brazil knows. The other two are “Where are you from?” and “What time is it?” it’s so funny to be walking down the street and people shouting at you with their strong accents LOL But what this really means is that people will be less likely to let us in and talk about Christ. They will be drinking 24 hours but the people who are waiting for us to find them will recognize us and we will have great experiences.

This week we had a BAPTISM! WOOT! Gean was baptized on Wednesday Night, elder Jordan performed the ordinance and it was really nice. His whole family (except his grandma) was there supporting him and they were touched by the sweat spirit of Baptism. I have learned a TON working with Elder Jordan and I really thank the Lord for the time I have spent with him!

I Love being a missionary! The Gospel is SO true. I am excited for new challenges. The Lord answers our prayers because he Lives and Loves us!

Until next week!
Elder Yost


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