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YEARGH! Aye Maties! This here be a new way to be startin an email!

Why am I a pirate today? Because pirates live on the water! Know what else happens in the water BAPTISMS!
LOL Well this week was by far the most stressful week of my mission with by far the Best results and experiences!

The Wedding of Tia and Tom is closing in! Congrats!…again!

Okay this week we spent like chickens with our heads cut off because we were trying SO hard to get a family married so that they could be baptized this last Sunday. We felt the Lord working with us as miraculously the documents of the family appeared out of nowhere and everything was happening like clockwork. For Adriano and Maria-leia to be baptized this week, they had to get baptized and so the wedding had to be done this week. Our Zone leaders are awesome and helped us a lot in the whole process. We were stoked for this family! They were super firm and committed and saw how much the Lord was blessing them. In the end we did everything that we felt inspired to do, we worked each day and came home exhausted. In the end, however, things didn’t end up working out and so this week they weren’t baptized. This for me was a great experience. I felt great knowing that I had done all that I could have done and even though the Baptism didn’t happen (this week, because the family is firm on becoming members!) I felt the spirit testify for me that my work was accepted by the Lord.

We had a great baptism of a Father who had rejected the church for over 30 years of his marriage but he finally decided to be baptized! I had the blessing to confirm him as a member and it was the best experience ever!

Well I am out of time!
Elder Yost


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