Vinde os Santos!‏


Come, Come ye Saints!
Once again I am low on time.
This week was a great one, we worked a ton and we are seeing the fruits of our efforts!
Weather here in Juiz de Fora is SO WEIRD! This week we had 3 days of super heavy rain and the rest was SUPER HEAVY SUN. Our immune systems are having fun with that LOL
We have been trying to work a lot with the Bishop and the Members to put together a Ward mission plan as well as work together to help the ward grow and retain its members. Working with members is hard sometimes because most of the time i have no idea what they will say. We have to trust sometimes that the spirit will testify of the message even if the member that we are teaching with decides to chase an idea for a half hour. That being said, I love the members in our ward! I feel that there is a great love for the missionaries here in Juiz de Fora and everyone is super excited about the new mission that was announced here.
We started to teach a Lady who has studied the Bible for the past 33 years. It is great, but at the same time her doctrine has superseded the biblical support and she goes off chasing ideas when we are teaching. For example, while teaching her the restoration, she asked me if she had authority to baptize people, I had to lovingly say no and then quickly back down from bible bashing and just bear testimony. I like teaching her; it is fun to hear her insights. She says when she gets an answer from the Holy Ghost that she should visit the church she will be there. We will see.

Yesterday it was great to see Niralto (the man that we baptized last week) receive the Aaronic Priesthood. He received it yesterday and was ordained to the office of a Priest. His life is changing. He has his eyes fixed on the Temple and the Lord has blessed him so Much for his efforts and desire to follow Christ. His family is coming back together and yesterday his wife bore her testimony about how the Lord answers our prayers in his own Time. She gave him a huge hug after the meeting and they all drove home as a Family. Wow, I feel so blessed to be a part of this miracle. We sat next to him during the sacrament meeting; his hopes as well as ours are high.
This week was a testimony that the Lord answers our prayers. Time is only measured by men, and the Lords ways are not our ways. We will receive answers for our prayers, but sometimes we have to be willing to accept the Lords time and the Lords ways. When we do this, we get the great privilege to get a peak into the Lords wisdom and Love for us. Niralto was an answer for my prayers, and his baptism was an answer for his whole family. Keep praying, keep loving, look for the Lord he is there to always accept you when you feel unacceptable. He wants to receive you when you feel unworthy. And He wants to be your friend when you feel friendless. I testify of this.
A fé é TUDO!
Elder Yost


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