Hey World! Happy P-day!

Well this week was great! We had an AWESOME Conference and also some GREAT Miracles!
The first of which is that we found THE BEST FOOD in Juiz de Fora, we will go there again today to eat! It’s got great meat and AWESOME Pão de Queijo! (CHEESE BREAD!)

Well when they announced the temple in Rio de Janeiero, our Zone leader let out a small squeal that sounded like a little girl finding tickets to J-Beiber in her Easter basket. But we all were/are equally excited! A Temple brings such amazing blessings to everyone in the surrounding area! The closest temple to us right now is in São Paulo (8 hours away) and a temple in Rio will be about 2 so we are all excited. Given, I will be home way before its completion.

WELL another miracle happened this week! About a month ago we submitted the forms so that Adriano and Marilea (a family investigating the church) could get married and therefore baptized. Generally it takes 60-90 days for such forms to be submitted and return for the actual marriage to happen. On Tuesday I said “Hey I got a feeling, let’s check if the papers arrived!” as proved to be the case! In 32 days flat the papers had gotten back and this Saturday Marilea and Adriano will be married in the Church and on the same day Baptized! I AM SO HAPPY that the hand of the lord has been shown in this small miracle! Their lives will be eternally blessed! They are an example for me of a Family who is eager to bring the blessings of baptism into their lives and I know that they will be eternally blessed!

The stone cut from the mountain without hands is rolling! God’s work is progressing and HE is guiding his church on the earth today! I know that the Lord directs His missionary work and prepares ways for his eternal blessings to enter into the families of those who obey the principles of his gospel!



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One response to “WOW A TEMPLE IN RIO!!!!!!!

  1. Steve Turner

    Great report Elder Yost! You are awesome.

    Bish Turner

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