Hey World!

Shout out to Evan Wong! It was awesome to hear from you BROSEPH SMITH!
-I got the packages from the states! Easter never comes too late!
-My watch broke this week 😦 It was great while it lasted!

WE got transferred! Elder Silva and I will open up a brand new area over 2 hours into Juiz de Fora! What this means is that we will most likely be part of the mission Juiz de Fora. They are sending sisters to where we are right now, so that will be great for the ward here! (I think)

Well this week was tiring! On Wednesday the APs came into town and we all cleaned. I didn’t know how big of a task it was to keep a house clean! We had to replace the showers, we had to paint a little the house and all in all it was a 2-day deal! AHH!! It was so tiring and it took up a lot of time to preach and do what the Lord has called us to do (which apparently includes cleaning our houses). During the process of cleaning, the dust in the air caused a lot of problems for elder Silva and we had to leave for a few minutes before he coughed up a lung.

Well I am out of time! We had a great confirmation of Marieleia, Adriano wasn’t able to make it to church on Sunday so he will be confirmed here next Sunday.
The Lord knows our capabilities, he wants our happiness. He lives! He LOVES us. I was reading Helaman this week and read again verse 12 from chapter 5. When we build our life on the foundation of Christ, the Devil will do all he can to bring us down, but if our foundation is securely built on the rock of our redeemer, we will overcome the temptations and storms that the devil hurls at us!

Elder Topper Yost


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