Weddings and Baptisms! 4.15.2013

Well! This week we had our first baptism of an entire FAMILY!

As far as other news goes there really isn’t much, just that this is the last week of this transfer and will probably be Elder Silva and my last week together. But we are ending our companionship off with a BANG!

This week our focus was the Baptism of Marilea and Adriano. Like I said last week this family has seen the hands of the Lord during their whole conversion process! We had an AMAZING wedding ceremony on Saturday and Marilea was a Beaming Bride! The entire time she was smiling and laughing and it was great to see her and her Husband legally married. Our Bishop performed the ceremony and it was great. He talked a ton about how they are preparing to become an eternal family (All of this made our District Leader trunky because he will be going home this next week LOL). After the great wedding we got to have the baptism of the newlyweds.

Elder Silva got to baptize Adriano and I got to baptize Marilea. The baptism was almost flawless except that Elder Silva messed up on the words the first time and had to repeat the ordinance. Side note! While the wedding was going on we had forgotten that the water for the baptism was left heating up! At the end, we rushed down to change clothes when the tough came to my mind to check the water. THE WATER WAS HOT! Imagine a baptism in a hot tub! We tried putting more cold water in and in the end it was all fine (just a little toasty!). After the baptism we all went to change into dry clothes and we got to talk to Adriano in the changing area. He asked, “So I guess I am officially a Mormon, huh?” I smiled and responded, “YES! Congratulations!” We went up to grab some cake and soda and then ran home to be at home before the missionary curfew.

I think back into the end of February when we tried to have the wedding happen and it ended up not working out. I was SO upset and I felt that I wouldn’t be able to be part of this miraculous day. I felt that we had tried SO hard and gotten SO close, the lord had shown His hand, but we didn’t get the results that we had hoped. Looking back on the rush at the end of February I can see that it was so that this day could happen! WOW the Lord is so merciful to us and I am so thankful to be a part of this AWESOME experience!
The Lords plans arent always our plans, but with pacience, faith, and hard work. Everything ends up working out in the end!
A fé é Tudo!
Elder Yost


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