Hey World! We are in a BRAND NEW AREA called Leopoldina!

Let me tell you about the city. Its a super small city on the interior of Minas Gerais. And Saturday was the city’s 169th birthday! Well apparently that’s a big enough deal to throw a 4th of July size party in the Center, give everyone in the city the day off and cause chaos in the entire city! WOW! You have no idea! There were bands playing, giant inflatable kiddy rides, a mechanical bull, drinks and drinks and drinks, there were free balloons, and EVERYONE wasn’t home… we had to walk through the center of the city to find a market place to buy some lunch stuff and it was like trying to get through main street in Disneyland on Christmas Eve, NOT KIDDING! Anyway, its super-hot and dry here, there are a ton of huge hills everywhere, but I have the feeling I am going to love Leopoldina!

This week was a lot of work trying to set up the area. There haven’t been missionaries here for over 2 years! This means that we have a blank area book and had 0 investigators when we got here. I was intimidated. Then we got the call from the APs saying that the MP said we have to Baptize someone on our first Sunday here. I was all like “Huh?” There were 2 people who had been going to church for a while a 13 year old kid and a 17 year old girlfriend of a member of the ward. The trick was that we had to try and convince them to get baptized this week. We succeeded with the 13 year old and the Bishop was super stoked to baptize him yesterday. We were super stoked to fulfill a challenge from the MP!

Well I am out of time for this week and so I have to sign off saying that the Lord NEVER gives a commandment to anyone unless he prepares a way for that commandment to be fulfilled! THAT’S THE TRUTH!

I love you all! Have a GREAT WEEK!
Elder Topper Yost


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