Happy Mother’s Day!‏

Oi Tudo Bem! Me Chamo Élder Yost! Quero dar um abraço por todos no America da Norte!
Hey World Its ME!

This week was GREAT! We had a Lot of Progress!

Sunday (yesterday) we had the Baptism of Jaimes and his 3 Children. Jaimes is the Brother of the Second counselor of the Bishopric here and we started working with Jaimes 2 weeks ago. He has depression issues but has been developing faith in Christ. We have worked with him through the commandments and yesterday it was such a GREAT blessing to see him with his family enter into the waters of Baptism and become official Christians. Baptism is the focus of Missionary Work. Why? Because baptism is the “gate” that leads to the “straight and narrow” way that leads to the Kingdom of God! I don’t remember that much of my Baptism but what I do remember is that when I was 8 years old I knew nothing about the gospel, what I knew was enough. I knew that Baptism was the right thing to do so I did it!

We are picking up fire here in Leopoldina! Elder Silva and I have worked great together and we are both rejoicing in the work that we have been doing. We have overcome many of our differences and I have seen GREAT progress in his grasp of gospel knowledge. He is great.
We had a Zone conference where we had an evaluation of our daily planners and area books… YIKES it was brutal! The entire zone was trying to avoid what seemed like Saurons’s all Seeing Eye from the Lord of The Rings! Luckily repentance is available to all that seek forgiveness and we are changing our outlook and our Area book and planners are now in top shape!

The Baptisms of Jaimes and his family mark the tenth baptism that Elder Silva and I have had together. Our work here in Leopoldina has been a testimony for me that the Lord is placing people in our paths. Whenever we invite people to exercise faith we are building our own. The Lord is preparing people for all of us to touch. In Alma 13:24 the Lord says that he is sending Angels into the world. When I think of Angels in my life, I think of first my Mom, and then a list of people who have greatly affected and changed my life for the better. The Lord promises that we can be Angels in the lives of others while we serve and Love them.

I feel so blessed when I take time to list in my mind all of the Blessings that the Lord has given me. I know that he has blessed my life and my family. I know that if you do the same (take time and look at the blessings in your life) it won’t be hard to recognize the love that the Lord has shown for you!

He lives!
He loves us!
A fé é Tudo!
Have a great week!
Elder Topper Yost


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