Whats Up World!? ‏ 5.6.2013

Well this week was a tiring one! BUT we had some great successes!

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo! I ate rice and beans to commemorate. LOL BUT we had 6 investigators that went to church yesterday! The ward here is TINY (for now) and the second the sacrament was passed about 20 people left the meeting. The church is so different down here than in the states! But the cool thing is that it’s still true! I am coming up on completing my first year pretty soon and we are picking up fire here!
The week started off kind of rough. Elder Silva and I had some troubles and I had to twist his arm to talk about what’s going on and how we can fix it. I have heard that a mission is a forecast of what problems you may have in marriage. I still have a year to learn how to live with someone and not kill them…JK! (But really, could you imagine!?)
After talking about it we started working like it says in D&C, united and “with the sound of a single trumpet,” We declared repentance to a ton of people in the area and challenged everyone to be baptized! at the end of the week we had 10 people who had accepted the challenge with a specific day! That was an all-time record for me. We sucked references out of the members and contacted the references. It was a GREAT week. We ran around SO much and by the end of Sunday night we were exhausted. It’s a great thing that it’s P-day!
We are going to have a Zone conference tomorrow with president Lima and we are super stoked!
Leopoldina is awesome! The people here are super cool. The only thing that isn’t cool is the Weather. It’s too FREAKING HOT! I feel like i am going to catch fire whenever I step out of the house. It’s dry though so that’s pretty good.
I am starting to read 3rd Nephi Again and I Love the amount of love that the Savior shows the Nephites. I think about the moment when all of the Nephites (that hadn’t been utterly swept off the face of the earth) got to, one by one, touch the wounds of the Savior and know that everything they had believed is true.

I know the Gospel is true! It has blessed my life infinitely!
Have a great week! I’m out of time!
Elder Yost


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