Hey World 05.20.2013

Well an hour isn’t ever enough to talk online!
Hey World! How is it going back in the states?

Did you know that toilets here flush counter clockwise! The opposite back in the northern hemisphere! COOL!

Well we had a great meeting yesterday in church! I can’t believe that I have been here in Brazil for over 11 months!

Anyways the ward here is SUPER new and SUPER small! That and about half of the members here leave after the sacrament is passed. That being said I love Leopoldina. This week we have worked harder than ever and our results weren’t what we had hoped for/planned for, It was super tough! We have been working with some great people who unfortunately aren’t progressing spiritually. We had a lesson with some investigators who have witnesses of the Book of Mormon, but instead of going to church on Sunday they went to mass! It’s so frustrating to work with people share with them great experiences and then they just don’t have the strength to apply what God has taught them. It’s frustrating and heart breaking. We knock on doors, talk to people in the street offering what they need the most in their life with the one thing that will bring them lasting happiness in this life and salvation in the next life. We are offering it on a silver platter and they flat out reject us and our message. It’s never really gotten to me before. But yesterday we were knocking on doors and door after door was flat out rejection. All of our plans had fallen through. We were walking down the street and I was bummed out. There was a man walking towards us and I said to myself “well, what the heck.” he accepted a visit to his house and we went there and had a great lesson. He told us how he felt the Lord had “cut him off” and straight out rejected him. He told us that we were an answer to his prayers. I felt the spirit in our lesson and I was glad for the chance we had to talk to him.

The Lord never rejects us. He loves us and will always show His love for us!
We are excited for another week of miracles!
Elder Yost


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