Rio de Janeiro

Bom Dia todos os Norte Americanos!

What’s cooking up there!

Okay so its Tuesday and I am in Rio de Janeiro! This will probably be the last day that I am going to Spend in the beautiful City of Rio because I will (90% sure) be part of the New Mission Brazil, Juiz de Fora. The mission will open before the next transfer, I will be in Juiz de Fora at the time so I am probably saying farewell to Rio.
So Sunday we got a call from the Assistants to the President, they called after our Baptismal Reunion of Vánia, which was great! (she was a bit of work but it all worked out!) They called to tell me that Elder C. Silva was transferred and that I would need to come to Rio de Janeiro to pick up a NEW greenie!

I am super excited to train again. I am excited to use everything I learned with Elder Silva to help my new companion. We ran home after the phone call and started to throw all of Elder Silva’s stuff into his suitcases and then we started walking to the rodoviaria to catch a 5 hour bus to Rio. We were on the street and we saw a Bus approaching. It was kind of far away and I could barely see what was written on the bus. I asked “Does that bus say 3 Rios?” after a minute I saw that it said “Rio de Janeiro”! We started to break into a sprint! We kept on flagging down the bus and the bus driver was a saint and stopped the bus to let us in. We were so happy because the next bus to leave Leoploldina would leave at 1 in the morning! It was great and we relaxed on our way to the big city.

The bus passed the Cristo Redentor statue, we got glimpses of the sugarloaf mountains, we got to see some beaches and wow they are beautiful. Our bus passed Copacabana beach, Botafogo beach and we got off in Flamengo beach to arrive at the assistants house to spend the Night. I felt like a tourist in Rio. I love this city.
I am thankful for the opportunity that I have been given to train again. I thought a lot about the great experiences that I had with Elder Silva, and I also thought about the not so great experiences too. I figure that I have been given a new chance to use everything that I know and help another green missionary enter into God’s service. I learned so much with Elder Silva, I am a little nervous to see what the Lord wants me to learn with my new comp! I will meet him in about 4 hours!

SO I have been studying the Atonement of Jesus Christ this last week. My study has been pretty deep in this subject. The Atonement was the Ultimate expression of Christ’s love for us while He suffered for our sins and trembled under the weight of all of the wickedness of all mankind. He prayed for strength from the father. He was the only one who could show this love for us. I am out of time but I testify that Christ loves us and died for our sins.

Tchou! Elder Yost


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