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Well! I’m another week into training Elder Nunes!
Life is great! We are great!

Well Last p-day was my last day in Rio de Janeiro. I got to tour the beaches (from the bus), I got to see The Christ the Redeemer Statue (from the bus), and we passed by the sugarloaf Mountains (yet again way far away on the bus LOL). I feel a little bittersweet about changing missions, seeing as it is a 90 percent chance that I will be in the Mission Juiz de Fora. I have grown to love and trust President Lima, I have really enjoyed the thought of serving in the big city one day, fighting in the Favelas, and I will miss the really thick Rio accent. But this week as I have thought about the new mission that will open up in less than a month, I figured that I wasn’t called to serve in geographic areas. I was called to save the souls of God’s children. And God is putting me in the place where I will find these people. That brings me comfort and excitement to make the transition to the new Mission!

Elder Nunes is a GREAT companion. I feel that after working with Elder Silva for 3 months I was so exhausted, I had learned to love him, and I had gotten used to doing essentially everything on my own. BUT Elder Nunes is giving me new life! He is also a convert but he really applied himself in the MTC. He knows his doctrine. He talks with everyone. He reads writes and that’s not all, he has been really helping me with the work here! Elder Nunes is from Rio Grande do Sul which is way in the south of Brazil. Where he lives it used to snow (I guess it hasn’t in a long time… ask Al Gore). He brought some cool stuff from his city, and one day it would be cool to visit his city. ANYWAY he is great, we are learning a lot working a lot and inviting everyone to be baptized. I am excited for these next few transfers with him! He is kind of bummed out about the probability of being in the Mission Juiz de Fora. Everyone dreams about the Rio mission because of the cool stuff to do. I think when he realized that he won’t have the chance to see Cristo Redentor or the sugaloaf moutains he got a bit sad. But with time I know we both will love the Juiz de Fora mission!

SO I have been getting to the end of reading the book of Mormon again. In Mormon (inside the book of Mormon) he talks about how the Nephites after all of the miracles and “tender mercies” That the Lord showed the civilization became ultimately cut off from the presence and help of the lord because of their wickedness. Mormon laments about his failure to bring his brethren to repentance and then changes his focus of preaching to the Nephites to writing to the reader and calling us to repentance.
He says:
“And behold, [these things] shall go unto the unbelieving of the Jews; and for this intent shall they go that they may be persuaded that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God; that the Father may bring about, through his most Beloved, his great and eternal purpose…”
God’s great and eternal purpose is “To bring about the immortality and eternal life of man.” The Book of Mormon was sent for this purpose. We need to study it more and cling to the iron rod to bring us back into God’s presence. I know it’s true! The book of Mormon is true! Read it!
Elder Yost


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