1 Year!!


Vou cumprir meu primeiro ano no campo, daqui em 2 dias! AI CARACA!

So what I said was I’m going to finish my first year in the field here in 2 days! WOW!

Well this week was probably one of the toughest that I have had in my mission.
The week started off with HUGE hopes and a lot of faith! We had investigators that were progressing, we had references to contact and we had all of the energy to see miracles happen.
As the week started we had great moments helping Michel and his son get ready for Baptism. Their faith is an example for me of people being prepared by the lord, I will spoil this part from the beginning they DID get Baptized this week so that part went right!

We have had really tough lessons with people and had 4 people completely turn their backs on us. On Tuesday we went to teach a girl who has grown up going to church with her Grandma for at least 6 years. The only reason that people said the she wasn’t baptized was because her mom never let her. Now she is 19 years old and so we went there to invite her to be baptized. We talked and taught the importance of baptism and made the invite. “Will you follow Christ and be Baptized.” The answer was a direct “No.” We explained again tried to find what problems or doubts that she had and then invited her like this “Do you accept our help and the help of the lord so that you can start preparing to be baptized someday?” really light right? the answer again a direct, “No.” Such was the similar case with 4 other families and investigators. We taught the doctrine made the invite and receive a direct “No”. They didn’t present doubts to be answered or fears to be resolved. It was a closed book and I was so frustrated! I was thinking” HOW CAN YOU BE SO DENSE? WHY WON’T YOU LET IN ENOUGH SPACE TO PLANT THE SEED NECESSARY FOR SALVATION!” I felt so frustrated.

Luckily everything went well with Michel and he had a beautiful Baptism. He is really special and it was great to see him enter into the waters of Baptism.

Well 2 days from now I will have been in Brazil for 2 Years. What do I have to say? I still got a year to be the hands of the lord here in Brazil!

IM STOKED for a new week and a great P-day!

Elder Yost


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