Vinde os Santos, tudo é bem ‏ 6.10.2013

Bom Dia Norte Americanos!! Tudo tranquilo?
e aí pensei que escreveria a e-mail em português hoje…

Then I changed my mind LOL

WELL! I am out of time again BUT this week was great! It was tough but it really ended well. We have been having trouble finding people who would progress and so we have been knocking on doors and trying SO HARD to help our investigators accept baptism and work towards that.
We had 3 people who at the beginning of the week accepted to be baptized on the 9th. Saturday the Zone Leaders came in to do Interviews and we went to the investigators houses and no one was home… No one… We spent the day racking our minds looking for them trying to figure out what happened but the day flew by and the baptism fell through.

As we were walking to church, a couple who we had invited to be baptized on the 9th drove by us in their car and waved to us on their way to catholic mass… no more comments about that for now. NEEDLESS to say we were a tad bummed out LOL

I was sad during church thinking that we had no options and that we would have to start from ground up with our area again, but the Lord came through with a miracle. We had lunch with a member and Her non-member son(Michel) and grandson (Davi) were there. Michel is an investigator who lived with his girlfriend and had 2 Children with her. Lately his girlfriend has been drinking a Lot and it has been causing a lot of grief for Michel who wants to become a member of the Church. On Monday she stabbed him in the leg and Michel had to flee from his house with his children to live with his parents. This incident was the last straw. When he told us what had happened we got to teach him about how much God loves him and wants his protection and happiness.

We taught and testified of healing through the Gospel of Christ and the spirit testified so strong to all of us in the room we all teared up (okay I cried… you all know me well enough LOL). they are being prepared to be baptized now on the 16th. This lesson and manifestation of the Spirit was a miracle. I feel renewed to work another week here and we are excited to open up the new mission Juiz De FORA with a BANG!

The Gospel is true… So what else really matters?
A fé é Tudo!
Elder Yost


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