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Presidente Cascardi!‏






I’m pretty sure that I bugged my companion a bit on the 4th of July. I was singing national Hymns of our beloved country all day! LOL
Today is P-day and I am super excited to play some Ping-Pong, relax, drink COKE, and prepare for the week!

So this week we had our first reunion with our new Mission President, President Cascardi. President Cascardi is WAY different than president Lima. I think of the difference between Brigham Young and Joseph Smith. Joseph often playing in the streets with the kids of the church, he was always joking with people and many people thought he was not mature enough to be a Prophet of God. After Joseph died, the Lord called Brigham young to be the Prophet, Brigham young prepared the saints to cross the plains and was (simply put) a sterner working man. The Lord called them both for different reasons neither was wrong in their way of life. Both had all the priesthood keys and guided the saints according to the will of the Lord.

I love President Cascardi. I was playing prelude for the meeting when he walked in the door. He walked in went right up to me and shook my hand. He say “Good morning” I had made plans of what i would say to him, but all the plans disappeared and I sputtered out a “good morning” and quickly sat down. LOL I have no idea why i got nervous! I was kicking myself the whole meeting thinking I had missed my chance to make my impression. Fortunately, I invited the President to sit with us to have lunch and we chatted the whole Lunch. He is really like a father, I am really happy to serve with him. All the missionaries wanted 2 things to change in the rules. Coke and soccer. Coke got liberates and soccer stayed banned!

Well I am out of time. The gospel is true! LOVE YALL!
Elder Yost


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Mission Brazil, Juiz de Fora‏

This is a new week! I am almost out of time but here are a few details!

Friday we will get to know President Cascardi, our new MP!
The JUIZ DE FORA MISSION IS OFFICIALLY OPEN! I will let y’all know next week what’s different. The details may change but the mission is the same

This week… Ugh well I was probably the most excited for this family than I have ever been for any other baptism. I wanted to baptize someone that I found by knocking on a door. I was so happy to see their progress in the beginning of the week and I wanted so much that everything work out for this family… Well it didn’t work out. On Monday we covered the word of wisdom, went great. Tuesday we taught them the plan of salvation and firmed them up for baptism. They understood super well. Wednesday we taught about the importance of daily prayer and understanding our answers as well as chastity and tithing (both went perfectly). Thursday we had the most amazing family night with them. The spirit was super strong and their daughter was dancing and happy when we sang hymns with them. Friday at 7pm was the hour for the interview. At 530 we got a call from Barbara saying that they would be spending the weekend at their relative’s house in a nearby city, under our responsibility. We with the ZLs planned on going there to talk with them there and have them go to the ward in that city to be baptized there. We scheduled to combine with the family after lunch and to call to pick up their address on Saturday. They never picked up. We probably called over a hundred times.

I was so sad. Saturday night I prayed asking for comfort. And went to bed so depressed.
Sunday morning I woke up. The first thought in my head was “It’s a new day. It’s a new month.” I felt new vigor. Put 3 Book of Mormons in my backpack and hit the road. We found new investigators and saw other miracles in new families.

It’s a new day. It’s a new month. It’s a new mission. It’s time to work and be more diligent. Things won’t always be easy but I am excited.

Its p-day, we are going hiking and I am stoked for change.
Got to go! See ya next week!
Elder Yost

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Accelerating The Work of the Lord June, 26, 2013

Hello World!

This week is the last week that I will be working under the direction of President Lima. As of the next time that you all hear from me I will be Working under the directions of President Cascardi!

This week has been hectic but rewarding. But first of all a couple Shout-outs

-Congrats Elder Alex Yost! You´re finishing your Mission this week!

-I got letters from Kate and Dad this week so I hope to be sending off replies soon!

Well I am in Rio de Janeiro again today! Today because I hit my year mark we had to get some Visa stuff taken care of. So we woke up at 430 to get the 545 bus to Rio. As we were passing through Juiz de Fora we were coming around a curve and the bus lost traction of its rear tires slamming the back of the bus (where we were seated) into a lamp-post. I was happily sleeping uptil this point but was awoken by the sudden change of events. Glass shattered everywhere and screams of shock woke me up from my pleasent slumber. In the end everyone was fine, just a bit annoyed that we would have to wait over an hour for another bus to take us the rest of the way to Rio. 

We went to the airport today with Elder Anderson (from my district in the MTC) and elder Jaycox (a great friend from the MTC) and felt a tad trunky entering in the airport. We spent 5 hours dealing with this visa stuff… yup that was my P-day. it was great LOL we met a scottish member of the church here. It was probably the funniest thing I have ever heard, a scottish man speaking portuguese! 

Well WAAAYYY back in the beggining of may we had a couple who visited church. Their names are Caio and Barbara. Caio had been working for 45 days out of Leopoldina and got back on Saturday. I had been counting down the days for him to get back because he is truly one of God’s elects. We talked friday night with barbara and scheduled with her to teach the young couple on saturady morning. I knew that Caio would only be in town for 10 days so I came up with a bold lesson plan. And started fasting friday so that we could see miracles in our area. Saturday Morning arrived and I had no idea how Caio would recieve us after 45 days of no contact, and the last thing we had done with his was send him off with a book of mormon. We knocked on their door. Caio came out and smiled when he saw us. He welcomed us in and we talked with Caio and Barbara about Eternal Families and the meaning of eternal life. We showed photos of the temple and the spirit was abundant. While talking about Eternal Life we read Heleman 8:15 and then Alma 7:14-15. After reading the scriptures it was clockwork. HE asked about baptism, we taught and testified. HE felt the spirit and THEY accepted the challenge to be baptized on the 30th! AHHHHH!!! I left the room beaming! I felt the BEST i have felt here on the mission. 

We wont be able to teach them until wednesday at the latest BUT I want to quote a scripture that was used im the transmission last night. 

Moroni 7
“37 Behold I say unto you, Nay; for it is by faith that amiracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men…”

Our God is a God of Miracles! I am counting on His miracles to continue touching the heart of Caio and Barbara so that me last week as part of the Brazil, Rio de Janiero Mission will be remembered for ever! I plea for your thoughts and your Prayers in my and their behalf.

I love you and HAve a great week!

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