Mission Brazil, Juiz de Fora‏

This is a new week! I am almost out of time but here are a few details!

Friday we will get to know President Cascardi, our new MP!
The JUIZ DE FORA MISSION IS OFFICIALLY OPEN! I will let y’all know next week what’s different. The details may change but the mission is the same

This week… Ugh well I was probably the most excited for this family than I have ever been for any other baptism. I wanted to baptize someone that I found by knocking on a door. I was so happy to see their progress in the beginning of the week and I wanted so much that everything work out for this family… Well it didn’t work out. On Monday we covered the word of wisdom, went great. Tuesday we taught them the plan of salvation and firmed them up for baptism. They understood super well. Wednesday we taught about the importance of daily prayer and understanding our answers as well as chastity and tithing (both went perfectly). Thursday we had the most amazing family night with them. The spirit was super strong and their daughter was dancing and happy when we sang hymns with them. Friday at 7pm was the hour for the interview. At 530 we got a call from Barbara saying that they would be spending the weekend at their relative’s house in a nearby city, under our responsibility. We with the ZLs planned on going there to talk with them there and have them go to the ward in that city to be baptized there. We scheduled to combine with the family after lunch and to call to pick up their address on Saturday. They never picked up. We probably called over a hundred times.

I was so sad. Saturday night I prayed asking for comfort. And went to bed so depressed.
Sunday morning I woke up. The first thought in my head was “It’s a new day. It’s a new month.” I felt new vigor. Put 3 Book of Mormons in my backpack and hit the road. We found new investigators and saw other miracles in new families.

It’s a new day. It’s a new month. It’s a new mission. It’s time to work and be more diligent. Things won’t always be easy but I am excited.

Its p-day, we are going hiking and I am stoked for change.
Got to go! See ya next week!
Elder Yost


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