Presidente Cascardi!‏






I’m pretty sure that I bugged my companion a bit on the 4th of July. I was singing national Hymns of our beloved country all day! LOL
Today is P-day and I am super excited to play some Ping-Pong, relax, drink COKE, and prepare for the week!

So this week we had our first reunion with our new Mission President, President Cascardi. President Cascardi is WAY different than president Lima. I think of the difference between Brigham Young and Joseph Smith. Joseph often playing in the streets with the kids of the church, he was always joking with people and many people thought he was not mature enough to be a Prophet of God. After Joseph died, the Lord called Brigham young to be the Prophet, Brigham young prepared the saints to cross the plains and was (simply put) a sterner working man. The Lord called them both for different reasons neither was wrong in their way of life. Both had all the priesthood keys and guided the saints according to the will of the Lord.

I love President Cascardi. I was playing prelude for the meeting when he walked in the door. He walked in went right up to me and shook my hand. He say “Good morning” I had made plans of what i would say to him, but all the plans disappeared and I sputtered out a “good morning” and quickly sat down. LOL I have no idea why i got nervous! I was kicking myself the whole meeting thinking I had missed my chance to make my impression. Fortunately, I invited the President to sit with us to have lunch and we chatted the whole Lunch. He is really like a father, I am really happy to serve with him. All the missionaries wanted 2 things to change in the rules. Coke and soccer. Coke got liberates and soccer stayed banned!

Well I am out of time. The gospel is true! LOVE YALL!
Elder Yost


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