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Bye-bye Leopoldina ‏ 8/27/13


Hello World! Happy Tuesday!

It’s kinda weird that we are having p-day today instead of yesterday. It’s like this because this is the week of Transfers!
At about 10PM last night I got a call from our Zone Leaders who live with the Assistants to the President and they called me and told me that I am being transferred from Leopoldina to Teresópolis! Teresópolis is back on the Rio de Janeiro side of our mission and it’s actually pretty close to Petrópolis where I started my mission.
Well I’m 21 Years old! We got to celebrate a little bit last p-day eating ice-cream and Monday night last week we went to visit an investigator who made a cake! She didn’t have plates for us to eat it on nor forks so we grabbed napkins and let me tell you that cake was AMAZING! I was so thankful for that and that she expressed her gratitude that we brought the Gospel into her home. On my birthday we knocked on some doors and then went and made pancakes for dinner at another investigator’s home. They are awesome.

Anyone who has served a mission knows that being transferred comes with mixed feelings. It’s awesome to be able to meet new people, be the district leader of a new district, and be thrown into a new city with new climate, habits, and stuff. It’s like an adventure. But on the other hand it’s SO hard to leave behind the investigators that are progressing, it’s tough to say goodbye to the people that you brought into the church. That’s why I am so sad to leave Leopoldina. I have made friendships with great people here I have seen people leave behind sins, take up their cross and follow Christ.
Wendel and Celina were confirmed on Sunday and they have a great joy in their eyes. This last week Wendel read the book “Teachings of the Prophet Lorenzo Snow” from cover to cover. He has a great desire to learn and will be a great help to the people here in Leopoldina. We got Him a shirt and tie and I will weep having to say goodbye to them.
The thing that brings me comfort to all of this is knowing that the Transfer was inspired by the Lord. The missionary who will be filling in my place has the same calling as I do and will be the right person at the right time for my investigators. Likewise, the lord has called me to another part of his vineyard where he has prepared people that I and my new companion will be able to bring unto Christ. It’s great that the Lord reveals to His servants His will, and as we willingly follow His counsels we find happiness, peace, and joy throughout all of the changes that we experience.

The Church is True. I am in the Work of the Lord of Hosts. A fé é tudo!
Elder Topper Yost


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MONKEYS! ‏ 8/19/13



It’s a beautiful P-day, the sun is shining, the house is clean, and we are going to part…. the house is clean?.. THE HOUSE IS CLEAN!?!

Just a Finding Nemo Reference today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRICK AND TIA YOST! 14 and 22 years old! Here on the other side of the world we are going to celebrate super hard!

What is there to do on the 21st birthday of a Mormon Missionary? That’s a small list LOL But we are going to eat ice cream and cake and have some fun anyways!
Well I am a little low on time, but it was a GREAT week! We had the baptism of Wendel and Celina. Wendel fought against the addiction to cigarettes this last week and came of conqueror, there were great spiritual moments that led up to their Baptism on Sunday. Celina was super nervous about baptism because she can’t swim, and can’t read, BUT when Sunday came around, you couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. Elder Nunes (my Greenie companion) got into the water and baptized them both. There were some great thoughts offered by members of the ward and I felt the spirit so strong in their baptism.

Wendel and Celina have eyes fixed on the Temple and are really happy to become members of the church. I feel so humbled that the Lord allowed us to take part in their conversion. it was the best 21st birthday present ever!

Out of time!

Deus Vive e ama os Seus Filhos!

Elder Yost

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It’s P-day, P-day Writin home on P-day! Ev´rybodys lookin forward to some EMAIL!‏ 8/12/13

Hello World!

It’s Elder Yost reporting in on this beautifully cloudy breezy day here in Leopoldina! REALLY The clouds are AMAZING because Leopoldina is situated in the middle of a bunch of rock mountains so when the sun is shining, its SUPER hot! And when it’s cloudy it is just perfect!
SO I have been a lot better about taking pictures, I took pictures of monkeys, baptisms and I was super excited to send some home to yall but this is a 2nd world Lan-House so it will have to wait until next week.

This was a GREAT week! We had a lot of great experiences and we had a few miracles, adding up in a Great Baptism! Glaucia Souza Garcia was baptized on Sunday. She is the secretary in the electronic repair shop of a Member. About 4 years ago she took the lessons but her mom is a crazy “crente” (believer) and didn’t even let Glaucia think of baptism. We were here at the right time and Glaucia accepted the challenge to take the lessons again. We taught her and she quickly accepted baptism. We worked a lot with her and helped build up her testimony. Her challenge was her Mom. The two live together and when she told her mom that she wanted to be baptized, her mom almost ripped her neck off! (Figuratively speaking) We told her to be bold have faith and “cobrar” (it’s something like cover, but I forgot the better word in English, that’s good right?) the Lord for the blessings she needed. Saturday when we were getting ready for the English class that I am teaching to integrate investigators, she arrived early and Douglas told us that she had brought with her all of her stuff because her mom had thrown her out of the house! I had a heart attack (figuratively speaking) and started to think of whom we could start calling to put her up in the house of some members. Douglas was joking and Glaucia told us how she had prayed, and prayed, and fasted for her mom to accept her baptism. Because of Glaucia’s faith, her mom accepted her baptismal choice and said that one day she will visit the church that Glaucia had so boldly testified. There were a ton of members at her baptism to support her. I had the blessing to be able to perform the ordinance.

So there is another miracle to tell this week. Wendel and Celina came to church! Wendel and Celina are LEGALLY MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It’s a big deal). They are awesome. We met them as we were looking for some in-active members to reactivate. She was outside of her door and we scheduled to come back and teach them when Wendel was home. Celina had been going to another church, but about 5 years ago she stopped because of the ridiculous ways that the Pastors were extracting money from the members. She wanted to visit the Mormon Church but never did because one Pastor told her it was wrong to visit other churches. She asked us if she could visit our church and of course we said YES! Celina can’t read, but her faith is so pure and she understands the spirit so well. Wendel on the other hand is a little more stubborn, but has really opened up. He has been reading the book of Mormon every day and is almost finishing the book.

We visited them a lot this week to help them come to church. We went to pick them up for church (walk with them) and met them half way smiling and happy to go with us to church. Wendel was wearing a red polo which alerted all the members that he was an investigator, the ward here was great with them and they had a great time! I got to speak in church about fathers because it was father’s day here yesterday. Last night we went to their house to see how they liked church. We felt inspired to watch the restoration with them. The spirit in that lesson was tangible! I felt the love of our heavenly father so strongly and after the film passed the first vision I was almost in tears! We sat after and talked about how they had felt the Holy Ghost and they expressed their testimonies of the Gospel and of Joseph Smith. They accepted the challenge to get ready to be baptized on the 18th and tonight we are going to teach them how to have a family night!

Miracles happen! It is weeks like this that make all of the sad days, home-sickness, broken toes, and everything else worth it. My faith was strengthened by these examples of humility, faith and love for the savior. I am so excited for what this week will bring and how these converts will progress!
Until then, it’s P-day!

Love you all! Have an AWESOME Week!
Elder Yost

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It’s my BIRTH MONTH ‏ 8/5/13


Happy Monday!

Break out the letters, house cleaning supplies, ping pong rackets, coke zero, because its P-day!
It was a GREAT week! I have so much to tell and don’t know where to start.
As an update on the foot, the stitches were removed on Wednesday and the doctor gave us the go as far as walking goes so we are back to work. At times I have to sit down due to the pressure but that will be a temporary problem! All is well and I am in flip flops for this week. Flip flop tan on the mish? What?!

On Thursday we had interviews with the president Cascardi. He is really cool! We sat down and discussed the success that we are having in Leopoldina and he explained how we need to change our focus to working with less actives and completing their families. I really have not worked with less actives before, and finding new investigators through them so this will be a big change for me. For me, I love tracting, its hard work, and always leads to good stories. President told me to lay off a little bit on tracting and work with the lost sheep. I trust the President and we have been at work trying to hunt down members who have fallen away.

That’s what we did these past few days. We have been helped a lot by Douglas who knows a lot of these people. Just a cool story that happened when we knocked on a less actives door: This family has been avoiding the church for a LONG time. And yesterday I just felt like we should visit them and give them a chance. As we knocked, they let us in. We talked about how when the wife moved to another ward she had been asked to pray in her first meeting there, and for that reason fell away from the church. Her kids and husband aren’t members so we taught them the restoration. Something ALWAYS happens to take away the spirit during the part of the first vision and yesterday as I started teaching the vision, about 3 phones in the house went off in 2 minutes! We regained the spirit fast and invited the husband to get baptized, he accepted! Wow! What a Miracle! I was super happy! After that we went to visit some other less actives and then crashed when it got around time to sleep!

I went on splits with a new senior companion in my district named Luke Ferrin. The world needs more elders like elder Ferrin! We went to invite his investigators to be baptized and used a new technique that I developed. It worked like a charm and we scheduled 3 baptismal dates with his investigators. We had a bunch of cool stories from our division and I wish that I could tell them all, but I can’t.
I am so happy to be where I am, working hard, being obedient and having miracles! It ROCKs!

a fé é tudo!
Elder Topper Yost

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Did you know I Play the Piano? Neither did I! ‏ 7/29/13

GOOD Morning USA! Happy last week of July!
As its probably really hot in the States, Its cold here in Leopoldina! Okay So I know I sound like a baby but really it’s pretty cold here! It’s gotten in the 60’s and EVERYONE has busted out their winter-wear. Scarves, coats, boots, even the dogs are bundling up! I have no idea how I will be able to cope with BYU in a little bit less than a year (YIKES!) I am sleeping with 2 sets of covers and doing my study with a blanket… Yeah I know I’m wimpy!

Last night we were tracting near our house because the doctor doesn’t want me walking very far until the stitches come out. We probably had the most rounded experience of tracting. We talked with Catholics, Atheists, straight people, gay people, old people, young people, it was great! The area near our house is really rich and catholic and in case you didn’t know the Pope has been in Brazil this last week so we had big competition last night. The Pope started talking around 630, at the same time there was a soccer game, and we felt like white noise in the background while knocking on doors. But we got to teach a couple of lessons so it was worth it! Everyone in Brazil has mixed feelings about the new pope, he is Argentinian and so for that the Brazilians were a little disappointed, but from what I hear from members, investigators, etc. the world loves him. That’s good right?

Well we had 6 investigators at our meeting yesterday. It was a ward conference. And who was the pianist for the 3 normal hymns and the special musical number? Me! Who knew that I could play the piano? I sure didn’t! I have no problem knocking on doors, I fear no man, and I have no fear teaching ever the hardest of hearts without breaking a sweat. But when that meeting started… I wanted to do anything instead of playing “Nearer my God to thee,” “Israel, Israel, God is calling,” Sweet Hour of Prayer” and a Brazilian sacramental hymn. But it was alright, no one left the church because of that.

One of our recent converts has completely left the church and returned to old sins. This experience reminds me of when Moses was talking to god and the entire group of Israelites returned back to their old sins and traditions. Even after the miracles that brought them from bondage, through the red sea, through the desert and even after that they returned back to their old ways. The secret to staying firm in the gospel isn’t a secret at all. It’s constant obedience to the simple commandments such as Prayer, scripture study, and church attendance that bring our souls to Christ. It’s true, “JUST DO IT!”

Have a GREAT week!
Elder Topper Yost

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Under the Knife‏ 7/22/13

999692_4382587303085_1688292963_nThis week was a unique one!
First off, the mission Juiz de Fora is underway and this was the first week of the new transfer! They opened up a new area near us so our district changed. Now our district is Elder Yost, Elder Nunes, Elder Ferrin, and Elder Barros. Elder Ferrin is a missionary from a city close to Boston Massachusetts (I don’t even know how to spell that LOL) and Elder Barros is a Brazilian Elder from Paraná (northern Brazil). Elder Ferrin is training as senior companion for the first time and from when I talked to them they seem super excited to open their new area together.
So this week I went under the knife a bit. I have been fighting ingrown toenails my whole mission and this last time it got so bad, I had to take advantage of the Brazilian Socialized health care. Wednesday I went to the hospital, they told me that it had reached a point that I would need to operate on the toe. Thursday I went in to have surgery. After waiting 3 hours after my scheduled appointment (thank you socialized healthcare…) I got in and walked into the room. It was pretty quick and I was out in under a half hour of surgery. The local anesthesia was good and I felt nothing so I decided to walk home from the hospital. Quick note about the hospital here, the hospital is on top of a Huge hill with a huge flight of stairs to get to it (socialized health care?). It was a bad idea to walk home on the anesthesia. Half way home it wore off and my Zone leader who was doing a split with me had to carry me part way home LOL. I’ve been home ever since.

The doctor ordered 8 days of rest. 8 days is a Long time. A really long time, so we’ve been doing divisions to accompany our investigators and probably annoying our members who have cars to give us a ride to church, investigators houses, etc. The work hasn’t stopped, nor will it! Douglas has been helping us a lot with splits, food, etc. He is really great!
We had 2 baptisms this week and 3 confirmations, the other sons of Debora and Antonio were baptized by Elder Nunes and our LMA that we reactivated recently. It was a great service! Elder Nunes got into the water for the First time and we were super excited for this step towards an eternal family for Antonio and Debora. We are running after some documents so that they can get married really quickly and baptized hopefully in the next month!
Time is flying! I cant believe it! The mission is great and I love Leopoldina and the people here! I hope you all are well! Have a GREAT week!

Elder Yost

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Hello World! ‏ 7/15/13












999982_4355126976594_336184519_nThis week we had great successes and I am excited to tell you all about it!
Let me tell you about the family of Debora and António. One day we were walking in the street and the spirit told me to talk to a couple approaching us. We made contact with them and went to teach them the next day. While we were teaching this couple, the father (Antonio) of the “wife” walked in and listened to our message. At the end of the message of the restoration, Antonio invited us to share our message with his “Wife” and kids. He warned us that we wouldn’t be able to “Take the heat” From all of her questions and told us of the various religions that had tried to convert them without success. We accepted the challenge.

The night that Caio and Barbara ran away from us, we decided to visit the family and teach Debora and the kids. Antonio and Debora aren’t married. Antonio has been avoiding marriage for over 19 years! But Debora immediately expressed interest in getting married. Wow, it was a great lesson, the spirit was there and the rest is History! Last Sunday Debora came to church with her oldest son and her daughter. They got to hear the testimonies of the ward. Debora wanted to bear her testimony but was having problems in her spine and was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to sit back down if she got up!
Monday we went to invite everyone to be baptized. Everyone accepted immediately except for Debora. She wanted time to think about it. Tuesday we went there again and when we walked in Debora said, “Where is my Wedding, and where is my Baptism?” As a missionary the best thing that we want to hear is someone who understands the doctrine and wants to be baptized. I was so happy to hear that! Here in Brazil the process for marriage can take over a month, but we are on top of the whole deal and I am praying that I can be part of their wedding and baptism!
Sunday we had the Baptism of their oldest son Wesley. This week we will baptize their other sons and really start working with Debora to help her quit smoking.
Funny story: We taught them the Word of Wisdom on Tuesday and they all accepted to obey it. We asked them if they were REALLY willing to give up their coffee. They said yes. So Douglas (the member who has been AWESOME and helping us out SO MUCH) said “alright, give us all your coffee and we will get rid of it for ya. It seemed that everyone immediately changed their mind. The 3 sons almost cried as they sadly handed over 9 packages of coffee, YIKES!
The whole family of 6 came on Sunday to see Wesley’s baptism. I got the opportunity to baptize him. We entered the cold water and I felt the spirit so strong as he came out of the water. As we sat down at the end of the meeting, I felt the love of Christ and the spirit testifying for me the love that he has for this humble family

In 2 weeks I have been through a huge emotional roller coaster. BUT the Lord has provided great blessings for our obedience and diligence.
Today we will barbeque and play ping pong!
Out of time again!
Amo vocês!
Elder Yost

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