Did you know I Play the Piano? Neither did I! ‏ 7/29/13

GOOD Morning USA! Happy last week of July!
As its probably really hot in the States, Its cold here in Leopoldina! Okay So I know I sound like a baby but really it’s pretty cold here! It’s gotten in the 60’s and EVERYONE has busted out their winter-wear. Scarves, coats, boots, even the dogs are bundling up! I have no idea how I will be able to cope with BYU in a little bit less than a year (YIKES!) I am sleeping with 2 sets of covers and doing my study with a blanket… Yeah I know I’m wimpy!

Last night we were tracting near our house because the doctor doesn’t want me walking very far until the stitches come out. We probably had the most rounded experience of tracting. We talked with Catholics, Atheists, straight people, gay people, old people, young people, it was great! The area near our house is really rich and catholic and in case you didn’t know the Pope has been in Brazil this last week so we had big competition last night. The Pope started talking around 630, at the same time there was a soccer game, and we felt like white noise in the background while knocking on doors. But we got to teach a couple of lessons so it was worth it! Everyone in Brazil has mixed feelings about the new pope, he is Argentinian and so for that the Brazilians were a little disappointed, but from what I hear from members, investigators, etc. the world loves him. That’s good right?

Well we had 6 investigators at our meeting yesterday. It was a ward conference. And who was the pianist for the 3 normal hymns and the special musical number? Me! Who knew that I could play the piano? I sure didn’t! I have no problem knocking on doors, I fear no man, and I have no fear teaching ever the hardest of hearts without breaking a sweat. But when that meeting started… I wanted to do anything instead of playing “Nearer my God to thee,” “Israel, Israel, God is calling,” Sweet Hour of Prayer” and a Brazilian sacramental hymn. But it was alright, no one left the church because of that.

One of our recent converts has completely left the church and returned to old sins. This experience reminds me of when Moses was talking to god and the entire group of Israelites returned back to their old sins and traditions. Even after the miracles that brought them from bondage, through the red sea, through the desert and even after that they returned back to their old ways. The secret to staying firm in the gospel isn’t a secret at all. It’s constant obedience to the simple commandments such as Prayer, scripture study, and church attendance that bring our souls to Christ. It’s true, “JUST DO IT!”

Have a GREAT week!
Elder Topper Yost


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