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999982_4355126976594_336184519_nThis week we had great successes and I am excited to tell you all about it!
Let me tell you about the family of Debora and António. One day we were walking in the street and the spirit told me to talk to a couple approaching us. We made contact with them and went to teach them the next day. While we were teaching this couple, the father (Antonio) of the “wife” walked in and listened to our message. At the end of the message of the restoration, Antonio invited us to share our message with his “Wife” and kids. He warned us that we wouldn’t be able to “Take the heat” From all of her questions and told us of the various religions that had tried to convert them without success. We accepted the challenge.

The night that Caio and Barbara ran away from us, we decided to visit the family and teach Debora and the kids. Antonio and Debora aren’t married. Antonio has been avoiding marriage for over 19 years! But Debora immediately expressed interest in getting married. Wow, it was a great lesson, the spirit was there and the rest is History! Last Sunday Debora came to church with her oldest son and her daughter. They got to hear the testimonies of the ward. Debora wanted to bear her testimony but was having problems in her spine and was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to sit back down if she got up!
Monday we went to invite everyone to be baptized. Everyone accepted immediately except for Debora. She wanted time to think about it. Tuesday we went there again and when we walked in Debora said, “Where is my Wedding, and where is my Baptism?” As a missionary the best thing that we want to hear is someone who understands the doctrine and wants to be baptized. I was so happy to hear that! Here in Brazil the process for marriage can take over a month, but we are on top of the whole deal and I am praying that I can be part of their wedding and baptism!
Sunday we had the Baptism of their oldest son Wesley. This week we will baptize their other sons and really start working with Debora to help her quit smoking.
Funny story: We taught them the Word of Wisdom on Tuesday and they all accepted to obey it. We asked them if they were REALLY willing to give up their coffee. They said yes. So Douglas (the member who has been AWESOME and helping us out SO MUCH) said “alright, give us all your coffee and we will get rid of it for ya. It seemed that everyone immediately changed their mind. The 3 sons almost cried as they sadly handed over 9 packages of coffee, YIKES!
The whole family of 6 came on Sunday to see Wesley’s baptism. I got the opportunity to baptize him. We entered the cold water and I felt the spirit so strong as he came out of the water. As we sat down at the end of the meeting, I felt the love of Christ and the spirit testifying for me the love that he has for this humble family

In 2 weeks I have been through a huge emotional roller coaster. BUT the Lord has provided great blessings for our obedience and diligence.
Today we will barbeque and play ping pong!
Out of time again!
Amo vocês!
Elder Yost


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