Under the Knife‏ 7/22/13

999692_4382587303085_1688292963_nThis week was a unique one!
First off, the mission Juiz de Fora is underway and this was the first week of the new transfer! They opened up a new area near us so our district changed. Now our district is Elder Yost, Elder Nunes, Elder Ferrin, and Elder Barros. Elder Ferrin is a missionary from a city close to Boston Massachusetts (I don’t even know how to spell that LOL) and Elder Barros is a Brazilian Elder from Paraná (northern Brazil). Elder Ferrin is training as senior companion for the first time and from when I talked to them they seem super excited to open their new area together.
So this week I went under the knife a bit. I have been fighting ingrown toenails my whole mission and this last time it got so bad, I had to take advantage of the Brazilian Socialized health care. Wednesday I went to the hospital, they told me that it had reached a point that I would need to operate on the toe. Thursday I went in to have surgery. After waiting 3 hours after my scheduled appointment (thank you socialized healthcare…) I got in and walked into the room. It was pretty quick and I was out in under a half hour of surgery. The local anesthesia was good and I felt nothing so I decided to walk home from the hospital. Quick note about the hospital here, the hospital is on top of a Huge hill with a huge flight of stairs to get to it (socialized health care?). It was a bad idea to walk home on the anesthesia. Half way home it wore off and my Zone leader who was doing a split with me had to carry me part way home LOL. I’ve been home ever since.

The doctor ordered 8 days of rest. 8 days is a Long time. A really long time, so we’ve been doing divisions to accompany our investigators and probably annoying our members who have cars to give us a ride to church, investigators houses, etc. The work hasn’t stopped, nor will it! Douglas has been helping us a lot with splits, food, etc. He is really great!
We had 2 baptisms this week and 3 confirmations, the other sons of Debora and Antonio were baptized by Elder Nunes and our LMA that we reactivated recently. It was a great service! Elder Nunes got into the water for the First time and we were super excited for this step towards an eternal family for Antonio and Debora. We are running after some documents so that they can get married really quickly and baptized hopefully in the next month!
Time is flying! I cant believe it! The mission is great and I love Leopoldina and the people here! I hope you all are well! Have a GREAT week!

Elder Yost


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