Bye-bye Leopoldina ‏ 8/27/13


Hello World! Happy Tuesday!

It’s kinda weird that we are having p-day today instead of yesterday. It’s like this because this is the week of Transfers!
At about 10PM last night I got a call from our Zone Leaders who live with the Assistants to the President and they called me and told me that I am being transferred from Leopoldina to Teresópolis! Teresópolis is back on the Rio de Janeiro side of our mission and it’s actually pretty close to Petrópolis where I started my mission.
Well I’m 21 Years old! We got to celebrate a little bit last p-day eating ice-cream and Monday night last week we went to visit an investigator who made a cake! She didn’t have plates for us to eat it on nor forks so we grabbed napkins and let me tell you that cake was AMAZING! I was so thankful for that and that she expressed her gratitude that we brought the Gospel into her home. On my birthday we knocked on some doors and then went and made pancakes for dinner at another investigator’s home. They are awesome.

Anyone who has served a mission knows that being transferred comes with mixed feelings. It’s awesome to be able to meet new people, be the district leader of a new district, and be thrown into a new city with new climate, habits, and stuff. It’s like an adventure. But on the other hand it’s SO hard to leave behind the investigators that are progressing, it’s tough to say goodbye to the people that you brought into the church. That’s why I am so sad to leave Leopoldina. I have made friendships with great people here I have seen people leave behind sins, take up their cross and follow Christ.
Wendel and Celina were confirmed on Sunday and they have a great joy in their eyes. This last week Wendel read the book “Teachings of the Prophet Lorenzo Snow” from cover to cover. He has a great desire to learn and will be a great help to the people here in Leopoldina. We got Him a shirt and tie and I will weep having to say goodbye to them.
The thing that brings me comfort to all of this is knowing that the Transfer was inspired by the Lord. The missionary who will be filling in my place has the same calling as I do and will be the right person at the right time for my investigators. Likewise, the lord has called me to another part of his vineyard where he has prepared people that I and my new companion will be able to bring unto Christ. It’s great that the Lord reveals to His servants His will, and as we willingly follow His counsels we find happiness, peace, and joy throughout all of the changes that we experience.

The Church is True. I am in the Work of the Lord of Hosts. A fé é tudo!
Elder Topper Yost


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