It’s my BIRTH MONTH ‏ 8/5/13


Happy Monday!

Break out the letters, house cleaning supplies, ping pong rackets, coke zero, because its P-day!
It was a GREAT week! I have so much to tell and don’t know where to start.
As an update on the foot, the stitches were removed on Wednesday and the doctor gave us the go as far as walking goes so we are back to work. At times I have to sit down due to the pressure but that will be a temporary problem! All is well and I am in flip flops for this week. Flip flop tan on the mish? What?!

On Thursday we had interviews with the president Cascardi. He is really cool! We sat down and discussed the success that we are having in Leopoldina and he explained how we need to change our focus to working with less actives and completing their families. I really have not worked with less actives before, and finding new investigators through them so this will be a big change for me. For me, I love tracting, its hard work, and always leads to good stories. President told me to lay off a little bit on tracting and work with the lost sheep. I trust the President and we have been at work trying to hunt down members who have fallen away.

That’s what we did these past few days. We have been helped a lot by Douglas who knows a lot of these people. Just a cool story that happened when we knocked on a less actives door: This family has been avoiding the church for a LONG time. And yesterday I just felt like we should visit them and give them a chance. As we knocked, they let us in. We talked about how when the wife moved to another ward she had been asked to pray in her first meeting there, and for that reason fell away from the church. Her kids and husband aren’t members so we taught them the restoration. Something ALWAYS happens to take away the spirit during the part of the first vision and yesterday as I started teaching the vision, about 3 phones in the house went off in 2 minutes! We regained the spirit fast and invited the husband to get baptized, he accepted! Wow! What a Miracle! I was super happy! After that we went to visit some other less actives and then crashed when it got around time to sleep!

I went on splits with a new senior companion in my district named Luke Ferrin. The world needs more elders like elder Ferrin! We went to invite his investigators to be baptized and used a new technique that I developed. It worked like a charm and we scheduled 3 baptismal dates with his investigators. We had a bunch of cool stories from our division and I wish that I could tell them all, but I can’t.
I am so happy to be where I am, working hard, being obedient and having miracles! It ROCKs!

a fé é tudo!
Elder Topper Yost


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