It’s P-day, P-day Writin home on P-day! Ev´rybodys lookin forward to some EMAIL!‏ 8/12/13

Hello World!

It’s Elder Yost reporting in on this beautifully cloudy breezy day here in Leopoldina! REALLY The clouds are AMAZING because Leopoldina is situated in the middle of a bunch of rock mountains so when the sun is shining, its SUPER hot! And when it’s cloudy it is just perfect!
SO I have been a lot better about taking pictures, I took pictures of monkeys, baptisms and I was super excited to send some home to yall but this is a 2nd world Lan-House so it will have to wait until next week.

This was a GREAT week! We had a lot of great experiences and we had a few miracles, adding up in a Great Baptism! Glaucia Souza Garcia was baptized on Sunday. She is the secretary in the electronic repair shop of a Member. About 4 years ago she took the lessons but her mom is a crazy “crente” (believer) and didn’t even let Glaucia think of baptism. We were here at the right time and Glaucia accepted the challenge to take the lessons again. We taught her and she quickly accepted baptism. We worked a lot with her and helped build up her testimony. Her challenge was her Mom. The two live together and when she told her mom that she wanted to be baptized, her mom almost ripped her neck off! (Figuratively speaking) We told her to be bold have faith and “cobrar” (it’s something like cover, but I forgot the better word in English, that’s good right?) the Lord for the blessings she needed. Saturday when we were getting ready for the English class that I am teaching to integrate investigators, she arrived early and Douglas told us that she had brought with her all of her stuff because her mom had thrown her out of the house! I had a heart attack (figuratively speaking) and started to think of whom we could start calling to put her up in the house of some members. Douglas was joking and Glaucia told us how she had prayed, and prayed, and fasted for her mom to accept her baptism. Because of Glaucia’s faith, her mom accepted her baptismal choice and said that one day she will visit the church that Glaucia had so boldly testified. There were a ton of members at her baptism to support her. I had the blessing to be able to perform the ordinance.

So there is another miracle to tell this week. Wendel and Celina came to church! Wendel and Celina are LEGALLY MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It’s a big deal). They are awesome. We met them as we were looking for some in-active members to reactivate. She was outside of her door and we scheduled to come back and teach them when Wendel was home. Celina had been going to another church, but about 5 years ago she stopped because of the ridiculous ways that the Pastors were extracting money from the members. She wanted to visit the Mormon Church but never did because one Pastor told her it was wrong to visit other churches. She asked us if she could visit our church and of course we said YES! Celina can’t read, but her faith is so pure and she understands the spirit so well. Wendel on the other hand is a little more stubborn, but has really opened up. He has been reading the book of Mormon every day and is almost finishing the book.

We visited them a lot this week to help them come to church. We went to pick them up for church (walk with them) and met them half way smiling and happy to go with us to church. Wendel was wearing a red polo which alerted all the members that he was an investigator, the ward here was great with them and they had a great time! I got to speak in church about fathers because it was father’s day here yesterday. Last night we went to their house to see how they liked church. We felt inspired to watch the restoration with them. The spirit in that lesson was tangible! I felt the love of our heavenly father so strongly and after the film passed the first vision I was almost in tears! We sat after and talked about how they had felt the Holy Ghost and they expressed their testimonies of the Gospel and of Joseph Smith. They accepted the challenge to get ready to be baptized on the 18th and tonight we are going to teach them how to have a family night!

Miracles happen! It is weeks like this that make all of the sad days, home-sickness, broken toes, and everything else worth it. My faith was strengthened by these examples of humility, faith and love for the savior. I am so excited for what this week will bring and how these converts will progress!
Until then, it’s P-day!

Love you all! Have an AWESOME Week!
Elder Yost


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