MONKEYS! ‏ 8/19/13



It’s a beautiful P-day, the sun is shining, the house is clean, and we are going to part…. the house is clean?.. THE HOUSE IS CLEAN!?!

Just a Finding Nemo Reference today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRICK AND TIA YOST! 14 and 22 years old! Here on the other side of the world we are going to celebrate super hard!

What is there to do on the 21st birthday of a Mormon Missionary? That’s a small list LOL But we are going to eat ice cream and cake and have some fun anyways!
Well I am a little low on time, but it was a GREAT week! We had the baptism of Wendel and Celina. Wendel fought against the addiction to cigarettes this last week and came of conqueror, there were great spiritual moments that led up to their Baptism on Sunday. Celina was super nervous about baptism because she can’t swim, and can’t read, BUT when Sunday came around, you couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. Elder Nunes (my Greenie companion) got into the water and baptized them both. There were some great thoughts offered by members of the ward and I felt the spirit so strong in their baptism.

Wendel and Celina have eyes fixed on the Temple and are really happy to become members of the church. I feel so humbled that the Lord allowed us to take part in their conversion. it was the best 21st birthday present ever!

Out of time!

Deus Vive e ama os Seus Filhos!

Elder Yost


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